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Surrogacy cost in UK

Being one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations around the world, UK offers one of the best medical experts and infrastructure to people around. So, you may expect the surrogacy treatment cost in UK to be a bit on the higher side.

As an intended parent, it is prudent to define projected costs as much as possible as part of the surrogacy agreement, including how payments will be handled, when they will begin, and when they will end. This will assist everyone in properly budgeting and keeping track of what has been paid.

Various elements involved in surrogacy treatment costs in UK

The amount paid to the surrogate mother in UK will be considered by the family court when the intended parent(s) applies for their parental order. If only fair expenditures have been paid, the judicial process will be as simple as feasible.

Despite the fact that the legislation does not define “reasonable costs,” the family court has issued a substantial number of parental decrees. Every instance is unique, and what is reasonable under the given circumstances will be determined by those facts. As a general rule, the court has acknowledged the following as surrogacy costs:

  • Loss of income for the surrogate
  • Loss of wages for the surrogate’s partner/spouse
  • Helping support pregnancy and clinic/antenatal visits with additional childcare
  • to assist with increased cleaning in order to support the pregnancy
  • food supplements and other extras
  • extra classes or treatments to help you during your pregnancy
  • before, during, and after pregnancy travel and lodging (whilst setting up the surrogacy arrangement, treatment and in recovery)
  • maternity outfits
  • a brief recuperation period for the surrogate and her family, as well as additional healthcare and pregnancy-related expenditures

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    It is common practice for the parties to a surrogacy agreement to estimate surrogacy treatment cost in UK at the outset so that an agreed-upon number for expenses can be explicitly noted in the agreement and payments may be spaced out throughout the length of the pregnancy if necessary.

    The IP(s) will have to reveal exactly how much was paid to the surrogate and for what in their court application for a parental order. If the court believes the IP(s) have paid more than fair expenditures, it must consider whether to ‘authorize’ the extra payments retroactively in order to establish a parental order. The wellbeing of the kid will be the court’s primary priority. If you have any worries, you should think about seeking legal guidance.

    Other costs involved during Surrogacy in UK

    The cost of IVF treatment

    There will be a fee if conception takes place at a surrogacy clinic in UK (either with a host or straight surrogacy). If additional fertility treatments are necessary, the cost is likely to rise dramatically. There will be additional fees if you use an egg or sperm donor, including their expenditures if the donor is someone you know (a friend or family member)


    It’s a good idea to think about whether you should make a will or revise one that already exists. By selecting suitable guardians or explaining the deceased’s wishes in respect to any inheritance, a will can be a vital instrument to safeguard the kid in the case of the intended parent(s) or surrogate’s death.

    Life or Health Insurance

    A surrogate pregnancy, like any other pregnancy, includes some risk, therefore getting life insurance for the surrogate may be a good idea. This may be covered by a current policy, but if it isn’t, you should consider purchasing extra coverage.

    Legal fees

    As of November 2017, the court charge for a parental order application is £215. You might also want to set aside money for legal counsel and/or representation. Although legal counsel is not required, both the UK regulator (the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)) and the family court suggest it for anybody considering a surrogacy agreement and some UK clinics need it from the start.

    Many parents, especially in simple UK surrogacy situations, represent themselves in parental order proceedings. Legal fees can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds, depending on the degree of advice and help you require.

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