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Surrogacy for Heterosexual Couples in Mexico

Before getting ahead with your plans related to surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico, you must read the surrogacy laws in Mexico thoroughly. Although few states in Mexico have approved a surrogacy program within their borders, surrogacy in Mexico is largely unregulated.

But the Supreme Court decided in 2021 that commercial surrogacy would soon be legal in the nation for married, single, homosexual, straight, and foreigners alike.

However, for the time being, we can only state that inside the country’s legal borders, surrogacy is neither prohibited by law nor permitted by it. Furthermore, the number of Mexican states that permit or forbid surrogacy varies greatly. So, as you proceed with surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico, getting along with a reputed surrogacy agency in Mexico is highly recommended.

Surrogacy Cost for Heterosexual Couples

Is surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico legal?

Only the two Mexican states of Tabasco and Sinaloa currently permit surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico. On the other side, surrogacy has been prohibited in Coahuila, San Juan, and Querétaro, nevertheless. The rest of Mexico’s surrogacy regulations are unclear. In light of the latest ruling, all Mexican states are now free to enact laws in the manner they see fit, including allowing commercial surrogacy for any Intended Parent who so wants. As a result, we can claim that surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico will now be governed by state law.

There are now no limits on the use of surrogate mothers by foreign couples in Mexico, but as state legislators weigh the implications of the most recent court ruling, this may change.

Despite Tabasco’s ban on international surrogacy, other Mexican states have no surrogacy laws. As a result, unrestricted surrogacy programs are still accessible. The most well-liked locations for these programs are Cancun and Mexico City.

It is important for all intended parents to be informed of the unique risks posed by unlicensed surrogacy services. Additionally, they need to contact a reputable surrogacy agency in Mexico to steer clear of any legal hiccups along the process.

What prospective parents should know about surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico?

How successful your surrogacy will be in Mexico will largely rely on the state you choose. An unregulated surrogacy program often consists of just a private contract between the intending parents and the surrogate mother in Mexico. But according to the law, the identical agreement is void and unenforceable.

There is no legal protection for the intended parents if the surrogate mother in Mexico decides to change her mind and ask for custody of the child. Birth mothers’ rights are always respected in the local Family Court, which will decide any disputes about a child’s custody.

Local governments are free to “regulate” as they choose because there is no legal structure in place. When there was no legal structure in place, conservative governments in other nations abruptly declared surrogacy to be a sort of human trafficking.

Surrogacy for Heterosexual Couple in Mexico

As a result of their involvement, the local police took immediate, unexpected, and significant action against both parents and surrogates.

A recent court decree in Mexico prevents the possibility of “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico by providing a judicial judgment before the surrogate becomes pregnant. The order, which is comparable to a “pre-birth order” in several US states, specifies that the names of the intended parents should be included on the birth certificate.

To ensure that the baby’s safe return home is not in jeopardy, a court order is necessary before any embryo transfer at a surrogacy clinic in Mexico. A court injunction is necessary to guarantee that the intended parents’ names appear on the birth certificate and that the surrogate has no parental rights or potential claims.

To put it another way, rather than law, the court’s decision upholds the terms of the surrogacy contract. The Court Order process involves additional costs such as time and legal fees.

What does surrogacy for heterosexual couples cost in Mexico?

The financial aspect is just one of the numerous reasons why most American intended parents use Mexican surrogate mothers. Additionally, if we talk about the cost of surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico, you would pay somewhere between $50,000 and $69,000.

The same cost would then be increased by the approximate $8000–$10000 cost of an egg donor in Mexico. Therefore, one must weigh all of these expenses before considering surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico.

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