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Same-sex surrogacy in Colombia

Gay surrogacy in Colombia is possible, and the majority of our
intended parents are gay men.

surrogacy for gay couples in colombia

The process of locating and coordinate the surrogate for LGBT couples in Colombia is quite similar to that of any other country across the globe. However, before taking their initial steps ahead, the intending parents must keep a few things in mind.

While only gestational surrogacy is permitted in the country, the surrogate mother cannot use her eggs for the surrogacy of LGBT couples in Colombia. Hence, the intended parents must include an egg donor or sperm donor in the arrangement.

According to Colombian law, at least one of the intended parents must be genetically connected to the born child in order for such an arrangement to be possible.

Searching for a surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia is quite easy and simple since the Colombian constitution protects LGBT people from all forms of discrimination. Discrimination based on sexual orientation was declared illegal by Congress in 2011. In 2016, the Constitutional Court, on the other hand, made same-gender marriage legal.

We can state that both straight and gay couples can successfully seek surrogacy in Colombia.

Finding surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia: What you must know?

As mentioned earlier, locating a surrogate for LGBT couples in Colombia isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is connect with one of our professionals and we will take care of all your needs in the same regard.

As an intended parent interested in surrogacy for homosexuals in Colombia, must keep up with some important details. In 2015, the Court made a landmark decision allowing homosexual surrogacy and acknowledging the equality of same-sex surrogacy in Colombia. A court also determined that excluding same-sex parents from becoming adoptive parents was a violation of children’s rights.

Furthermore, Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution grants foreigners the same civic rights and guarantees as Colombian citizens. As a result, we can conclude that Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Colombia is lawful and can be sought by both local and foreign parents.

Colombia has some of the most progressive LGBT rights in Latin America, with wide legal protections for persons and families of all sexual orientations and inclinations. Same-sex couples enjoy the same pension, social security, and property rights as heterosexual couples, according to a three-judge panel of the Constitutional Court in 2007 and 2008.

In Colombia, surrogacy for gay couples and other forms of assisted reproduction have helped many same-sex couples achieve parenthood. Given the unique demands of each individual, we at Surrogacy Consultancy are able to provide highly ethical surrogacy services as well as completely tailored treatment assistance. 

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    Gay Surrogacy in Colombia: How it works?

    The initial consultation

    The initial step would involve a meeting with one of our coordinators, either online or in person. Here, the intended parents would talk about their needs and expectations from the surrogate mother in Colombia. Given the requirements, our professionals will then proceed with the selection, coordination, screening, and matching of surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia.

    Diagnosis and tests

    Our experts would next advise the potential parents on the necessary tests and examinations. This would aid them in tracing any medical problems that the parents could pass on to the future kid throughout the IVF process.

    Gay Surrogacy in colombia

    same-sex surrogacy in colombia

    After we have decided on a surrogate mother for LGBT couples in Colombia, we will begin the procedure of surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia. Following the completion of the testing and screening, each person involved must sign a contract defining their roles and obligations during the surrogacy process.

    Starting the IVF procedure

    We would then begin the IVF process after the signing of the contract agreement. This would be done as a fertility expert from our partner clinics mixing the sperm and eggs derived from the intended parents in a lab dish.

    The embryos are formed from the fertilized eggs and one or two are then put into the womb of the surrogate mother in Colombia. Tests to confirm the surrogate mother’s pregnancy will be done once the embryo has been implanted into her uterus.

    The Colombian surrogate mother would then carry the child to term under the expert supervision of our partner clinics.

    An online pregnancy monitoring service will keep expectant parents updated on their child’s development at every stage of the pregnancy (including ultrasounds, lab tests, psychological evaluations, and related work). As the due date approaches, we’ll start preparations to get the required approval for child handover after birth.

    How we can help?

    At Surrogacy Consultancy, we take pride in being known as the best surrogacy professional who can help you through every stage of your journey of LGBT Surrogacy in Colombia. Given our vast experience in the same domain, you can stay assured of receiving the best care and support for your respective surrogacy program.

    Contact one of our client coordinators right now for a free consultation!

    surrogate for lgbt couples in colombia

    surrogacy for lgbt couples in colombia

    same-sex surrogacy in colombia

    Gay Surrogacy in colombia

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