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Surrogacy for singles in Colombia

The constitution of Colombia does not allow discrimination,
so you may partake in the process of surrogacy for singles in Colombia.

Surrogacy for single men in Colombia is permitted given the surrogacy legislation in the country that allows family creation regardless of sexual orientation. Nonetheless, potential parents must learn about every important aspect that will enable them to realize their parental aspirations in the country.

Besides, connecting with a reputed surrogacy agency in Colombia can really make the entire surrogacy journey smooth and convenient for you. You’ll be able to move on with your surrogacy plans without any problems and need not worry about random aspects like the selection of a surrogate mother in Colombia, searching for an egg donor, and so on.

Assisted reproduction and surrogate motherhood are allowing a growing number of Single Men to realize their dreams of becoming parents. Because of Colombia’s extremely supportive constitution, having a child through surrogacy for single men has grown even easier.

Still, it’s always recommended to get the required legal consultation before stepping any further in the same regard.

surrogacy for singles in colombia

Surrogacy for Single men in Colombia: What you must know?

Intended parents should be aware that single-parent surrogacy in Colombia requires the use of an egg donor. So, they need to make the right choice while scrolling through a list of egg donor profiles in our database.

Our healthy donors range in age from 18 to 35 years old and come from healthy Colombian families and cultures. The donor’s name is kept anonymous, but the law permits prospective parents to meet with one of our specialists for a free consultation to learn more about the donor’s background.

The Colombian constitution encourages people to build families regardless of their gender, caste, or faith. Furthermore, if you want to advance with your surrogacy dreams in the nation, our qualified specialists will support you at every stage of your surrogacy adventure.

Surrogates undergo physical and psychological screening. Need to be a young woman and have birthed at least one healthy child. After physical and psychological screening, a contract is signed between the surrogate and the parent where all terms and conditions are listed with the consent of both parties involved.

At Surrogacy Consultancy, we’ve developed a variety of customized surrogacy programs and cutting-edge reproductive treatments to assist every intended parent. Because of our specialized surrogacy services, people from all over the world seeking Surrogacy for Single Parents in Colombia may now fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

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    surrogacy laws in colombia

    Single Parent surrogacy in Colombia: Step by Step guide!

    The procedure-related to single parent surrogacy in Colombia is uncomplicated and easy to follow. Individuals must first register with us so that we may discuss their specific requirements. Following that, one of our IVF clinic partners would assist you through the appropriate tests and diagnostics. They’d next recommend an egg donor (if the prospective parents’ gametes aren’t viable enough for conception).

    In order to continue with the IVF process in Colombia, the donor would be brought on board. The donor profile would be provided to the potential parents so that they could make an informed decision.

    Both parties will sign a surrogacy agreement for surrogacy for single parents in Colombia once all of the checks have been completed. The agreement specifies each party’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities.

    After that, the IVF treatment would be utilized to create an embryo in the laboratory, which would then be implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb. The surrogate mother would then carry the child to full term. It will be handed over to the intended father once all legal processes and documentation have been completed. While the procedure may appear confusing at first, our professionals will be there to help and support you throughout your surrogacy journey.

    How we can help?

    Surrogacy for Single Men in Colombia is a highly ethical and cost-effective solution for single men looking for a lower-cost surrogacy option. Our partner clinics would manage all IVF treatments, including embryo transfers. You can rest confident that you will receive only the best treatments and guidance given the state-of-the-art medical infrastructure of the country.

    It’s worth emphasizing that all of our Surrogates are Colombians with a long family history in the country. Before being accepted into the program, they must have at least one healthy kid delivered from a successful pregnancy and complete a rigorous and tough screening procedure.

    Our donors, on the other hand, are all Colombian women who meet the criteria for and are accepted into our donation program. IPs have access to each donor’s genetic profile, medical history, and family medical history, as well as a current photo gallery highlighting the donor’s hobbies and interests.

    Contact one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation!

    surrogacy for singles

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    surrogacy for single men in colombia

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