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Many intended parents who are unable to conceive or bear a child themselves are eventually turning to surrogacy across almost every part of the world. Now, when it comes to the surrogacy procedure, the intended parents have to look through a list of aspects like the legal framework, surrogacy cost, quality of surrogate mothers and so on. On the other hand, the same complexities increase even further in International surrogacy programs.

For a variety of reasons, more and more intended parents are opting for Greece as their preferred surrogacy destination. That said, legal, medical, and cultural elements combine to make Greece a suitable destination to take this popularity to newer heights. On the other side, the factors behind Greece’s rising stocks as a top choice for UK intended parents looking for surrogacy will be discussed in this post.

Factors behind Greece’s rising demand as a top choice for UK intended parents

Easy and Simple Legal Framework

As mentioned earlier, the legal framework of any country serves as the first pointer for any couple or individual choosing surrogacy there. The obvious and favourable legal environment is one of the main reasons intended parents from the UK are travelling to Greece for surrogacy. Greece has particular laws controlling surrogacy, providing legal protection and clarity for all the engaged parties. Established in 2002 and revised in 2014, Greek law on surrogacy enables altruistic surrogacy for foreigners as well as Greek nationals.

surrogate mother

Intended parents are acknowledged as the legal parents from the start in Greece, therefore removing the need for protracted and dubious legal procedures to acquire parental rights. This is a major benefit over certain other nations where the intended parents’ legal position can be dubious or disputed. Before the surrogacy procedure starts, the Greek legal system calls for a court order ensuring that the intended parents’ names show on the birth certificate, therefore granting them complete parental rights right away after the child’s birth.

Reasonable surrogacy costs

Another important consideration drawing the UK intending parents to Greece is the cost of surrogacy there. With expenses often rising into tens of thousands of pounds, surrogacy in the UK may be shockingly costly. This is where Greece provides more reasonably priced choices without sacrificing the standard of medical treatment. Including medical treatments, legal expenses, and surrogate compensation, the total cost of surrogacy in Greece is usually less than in many other nations, including the United States and the UK.

Superior Medical treatment

Greece is well-known for its advanced reproductive medicine knowledge and high-quality medical treatment. Moreover, state-of-the-art fertility clinics run by experienced experts focused on surrogacy and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) take care of these facilities within the entire country. These clinics follow rigorous policies and procedures to guarantee the baby’s and the surrogate’s safety and well-being.

Greek fertility clinics provide comprehensive surrogacy programmes combining prenatal care, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and postnatal assistance. Thanks to the advanced technology and qualified medical staff accessible, these programmes have rather high success rates. This is where UK intended parents should be reassured they are getting first-rate medical treatment all during the surrogacy process in Greece.

Ideal Surrogate Availability

surrogate mother in irelandFinding a surrogate in the UK can be a demanding and drawn-out process. That said, surrogates are in scarce supply, so the legal limitations on surrogate pay complicate matters even more. Conversely, Greece offers a more suitable environment for locating surrogates. Also, Greece’s legal system lets surrogates receive appropriate pay, facilitating the search for suitable and ready applicants.

Greek surrogates also go through extensive psychological and physiological tests to make sure they suit the surrogacy procedure. This careful choosing method helps prospective parents believe the surrogate is dependable and healthy.

Geographical and Cultural Proximity

Another tempting consideration for prospective parents is Greece’s cultural and geographical proximity to the UK. With Greece, just a few hours’ flight from the UK, intended parents find it handy for their medical visits, clinic visits, and childbirth. For UK intended parents, the cultural commonalities between the two nations also help to ease the procedure and reduce its intimidating nature.

Greece is also a well-liked travel destination noted for its rich history, gorgeous landscape, and kind hospitality. With the added advantage of seeing a stunning nation during their visits, intended parents may find the experience of surrogacy in Greece to be pleasant and fulfilling. Also, a happy and positive environment always leads to a happy and successful surrogacy journey with desired outcomes.

Positive Social and Legal Environment

Greece’s supporting legal and social environment goes beyond the obvious legal structure. Generally speaking, Greek society views surrogacy favourably, and intended parents have access to support systems. These services cover legal advice, counselling, and support groups designed to enable prospective parents to negotiate the surrogacy procedure without any hassle.

Greek surrogacy agencies and clinics guarantee that intended parents feel cared for and informed at every stage by means of customized support and awareness. Those intended parents starting the surrogacy process abroad may find this degree of support quite comforting.

Achievements and Success Stories

The expanding tendency also reflects the increasing number of success stories from UK-intended parents who have finished surrogacy in Greece. Positive testimonies and advice from other Greek parents give people thinking about surrogacy comfort and support. These success stories underline the good experiences and successful results that many UK intended parents have had, so supporting Greece as a reliable and appealing place for surrogacy.

Regardless of the stories, one should always choose the right guidance and support on their way to their parenthood goals. In doing this, they must check and verify the credentials of the agency they are dealing with, along with various other important aspects.

Final Words

Ultimately, most intended parents from the UK are travelling to Greece for surrogacy for several quite interesting reasons. Greece is a desirable destination for surrogacy because of its clear and supportive legislative framework, reasonably priced healthcare, good availability of surrogates, cultural and geographical proximity, and encouraging social climate. That said, Greece provides for many intending parents a difficult-to-find combination of legal stability, medical competence, and a good overall experience. Greece therefore keeps becoming more and more popular among UK intended parents as a top choice for surrogacy, providing hope and chances for individuals trying to start their families with this method.

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