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Gay Surrogacy in Cyprus

We can help and guide you regarding same-sex surrogacy in Cyprus
finds you an ideal surrogate mother and leads your journey.

Rightly situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Cyprus truly stands as a nation with the most artistic beauty and picturesque landscapes. That said, the country is more than just a tourist hotspot and slowly rising as one of the key destinations to help you build your family.  Also, given the global acceptance and flexible social perspective, gay surrogacy in Cyprus is slowly gaining popularity in the country.

Talking about the gay surrogacy programs, you must stay highly careful and cautious while choosing the right way forward. Given the absence of strict regulation in the same regard, you may come across random fake agents and agencies that talk big without actually delivering their committed services. This is where Surrogacy consultancy comes in as one of the most trusted and recognized names dealing in the best surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of gay couples in the country to reach their parenthood dreams. Besides, we offer end-to-end support that would help you gain the most out of your surrogacy journey in this island nation. Still, before we have a look at our customized programs and plans related to surrogacy for lgbt couples in Cyprus, let’s take a look into the overall concept around it.

Gay surrogacy in Cyprus

How does Cyprus stand perfect for your Gay surrogacy aspirations?

A Surrogacy program for everyone: unlike other countries, Cyprus doesn’t discriminate based on the sexual preference of a particular person. So, whether you are a gay couple, individual or else, you will find your child seeking dreams coming to reality in this part of the world.

Best-in-class medical facilities: The nation is home to world-class IVF clinics with experienced experts who have helped numerous individuals in building families. Also, the country offers medical services that are on par with other developed countries across the globe.

Affordability: The costs of surrogacy in Cyprus are generally lower than in other Western nations, without compromising on quality. So, while opting for a surrogacy plan in the USA or UK will cost you a fortune, you can go for it in Cyprus for as low as $50000 approx. Moreover, the cost of medicines and other treatment plans is also reasonable.

Easy accessibility of surrogate for LGBT couples in Cyprus: Finding a surrogate for LGBT couples in Cyprus is quite easy, given you connect with a recognized surrogacy agency or consultants like Surrogacy Consultancy. Moreover, at surrogacy consultancy, you can always connect with our wide pool of surrogates for an easy and streamlined surrogacy journey.

Availability of egg donors: The availability of egg donors in Cyprus also comes as another factor that supports the surrogacy journey of numerous couples and individuals.

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    surrogacy for lgbt couples in Cyprus

    Understanding Gay Surrogacy in Cyprus

    Gay surrogacy is similar to any other surrogacy program with the difference of only certain procedures and participants. Moreover, it has come up as a perfect path for same-sex male couples or single gay men to have their own biological children.

    Also, with the assistance of a surrogate mother, who carries the child, and an egg donor, the parenthood dreams of such individuals can come to reality.

    On the other side when you choose Cyprus for your surrogacy aspirations, you are choosing a country that offers top-notch medical facilities backed by a flexible legal system. So, we can say that opting for surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus is always the right decision, given that you are working under the guidance of a trusted name like Surrogacy Consultancy.

    How does Gay Surrogacy work in Cyprus?

    Initial consultation

    Once you connect with our experts in Cyprus, we will take you through the detailed procedure related to gay surrogacy in Cyprus. There, you will connect with our professionals and clear all your doubts and concerns in the same regard. Moreover, we will recommend certain tests and diagnoses to check the quality of your gametes via our partner clinics that would be used for the IVF process later on.

    Searching the surrogate

    Afterwards, we will proceed with the search for the most appropriate surrogate for gay surrogacy in Cyprus for your respective case. To make it easier and streamlined, we will make you connect with our network of surrogates that are pre-screened for any physical or mental health complications. Moreover, if required, we will make you connect with these surrogates to let you ascertain their characteristics and credentials.

    Egg donation process

    During the surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus, you may need the services of an egg donor. So, with the help of our network of egg donor agencies and centres, we will make you connect with some of the best egg donor profiles.

    Once finalized, the egg donor will be assessed by our team of medical professionals. Once done, she will partake in the egg donation process under the strict supervision of the same medical professionals.

    surrogate for gay surrogacy in Cyprus

    Embryo transfer process

    Later on, the gametes derived from the intended father and the egg donor would be developed into an embryo within the IVF laboratory. Thereafter, the same embryo will be implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother. Few weeks later, she will be tested for pregnancy and upon confirmation, will carry the child till term for the intended parents.  Once delivered, the intended parents will file for the custody of the born child and travel back to their country of origin after furnishing the required documents and related information.

    surrogacy for lgbt couples in Cyprus

    Legitimate challenges during Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus!

    Cyprus is a dynamic country with lots of possibilities for potential parents to be. Still, you may come across or at least stay wary of the possible legal challenges like the following:

    Surrogacy Contracts: Surrogacy contracts may not be legally enforceable as per law in the country. Still, all parties included (intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors) should enter into a legal contract in good faith to guarantee everyone’s rights and obligations are clear.

    Parental Rights: Once the child is born, the intended parents need to file for a parental order to get full parental rights. Moreover, having a local legal counsellor specialized in surrogacy laws is always beneficial in the same direction.

    Travel and immigration: If you are an international intended parent, consider any travel limitations or prerequisites when arranging to return to your country of origin with the child. That said, a few nations may require extra steps for citizenship or parental rights for a child born via gay surrogacy.

    Understanding the emotional considerations!

    Surrogacy isn’t just about medical and legal procedures and there is always a fair amount of emotional indulgence within the surrogacy journey. So, while looking for emotional support in this regard, you can look forward to:

    Support groups: There are communities and support groups that can help intended parents navigate the rollercoaster of emotions during their surrogacy journey.

    Social communities The Cypriot community is for the most part conscious and understanding about surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus. That said, they welcome all international visitors with warm regards and this is where this country is becoming a highly sought-after surrogacy destination.

    Counselling services: Here at Surrogacy Consultancy, we offer expert counselling services to assist all parties in exploring the emotional aspects of their surrogacy journey.

    Why choose Surrogacy consultancy for top-notch surrogacy services?

    Cyprus, with its beautiful beaches and rich cultural history, further boasts best-in-class surrogacy services for all the intended gay parents. Still, when it comes to choosing the best name to help you out in your surrogacy journey, you must always count on a name like Surrogacy Consultancy.

    With years of experience and expertise in the surrogacy domain, we can help you reach your parenthood goals in the best manner possible. Keep in mind, that each journey is one of a kind. So, while the road ahead might have its bumps, the end goal-holding your baby – makes it all worth it.

    So, get along and get started with your surrogacy journey while connecting with our surrogacy coordinators today!

    surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus

    FAQs related to same-sex surrogacy in Cyprus

    Q: How long does the Gay surrogacy process take in Cyprus?

    A: On average, it can take 12-18 months, but it changes based on personal circumstances.

    Q: Are there any age restrictions for intended parents?

    A: Cyprus law doesn’t indicate an age constraint. Still, it all depends on the respective policies of a certain surrogacy clinic or agency in the country.

    Q: Can I select my surrogate or egg donor?

    A: Absolutely! Trustworthy agencies or clinics like surrogacy consultancy will let you make all the key decisions of your surrogacy journey!

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