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Surrogacy in Germany

Surrogacy in Germany is prohibited by law and any individual or institution that is found indulged in likewise arrangement may face harsh punishment for their acts in the country. So, whether you’re interested in altruistic or gestational surrogacy in Germany, you may have to look for any other surrogacy destination.

Furthermore, the Embryo Protection Act of 1991 protects the majority of German reproductive treatments and medications. Besides, any medical practise that includes criminal activities with a developing human life is deemed illegal in the country.

As far as IVF treatment in Germany is concerned, a woman is only permitted to give birth to her own child by law. IVF is still legal, but it can only be done with your own eggs. However, IVF is used by more than 30% of German women to conceive.

So, if you are an intended parent looking for the best surrogacy agency in Germany, you can look forward to other countries like the United Kingdom and Georgia.

Why surrogacy in Georgia is a perfect alternative to surrogacy in Germany?

Because surrogacy is banned in Germany, many Germans travel to Georgia to fulfill their surrogacy aspirations. However, if you are an intended parent who is looking for a perfect alternative to surrogacy in Germany, you must know that Surrogacy in Georgia only allows heterosexual couples to pursue surrogacy.

Because of its affordable cost, excellent quality medical care, and ethical surrogate norms, Georgia has become a preferred destination for most child-seeking parents from not only Germany but all over the world.

Georgia is also the most reasonably priced option for all surrogacy hopefuls in Germany in terms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) infertility treatment. Even if a couple is unable to use surrogacy services in any other nation, they may take advantage of the cost-effective and high-quality surrogacy alternatives available in Georgia.

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    Surrogacy agency in Germany: highly affordable surrogacy option!

    Even after factoring in the cost of travel and other fees, surrogacy services in Georgia are significantly less expensive than those related to surrogacy in Germany. However, one must anticipate the expenditures and expenses involved with surrogacy in Georgia, such as:

    • The cost of a surrogate mother in Georgia is usually split into two payments (the first after IVF and the second after the delivery of a baby).
    • Cost of IVF (in vitro fertilization) process.
    • Cost During the surrogate mother’s pregnancy, money, food, and clothes, as well as medical care and monitoring.
    • Cost related to the delivery of the child (by natural means or by cesarean section).
    • In the last months of pregnancy, you may be obliged to pay for a surrogate mother’s child’s nanny, as well as further medical treatments, psychological therapy, and, if necessary, legal representation. The whole cost of the program is agreed upon in advance and written into the contract.

    Why surrogacy in Georgia is a viable option?

    In terms of assisted reproduction, Georgia is one of just a few countries in the world that allows practically all operations. IVF and surrogacy are two of the most frequent methods of artificial insemination if you can’t conceive naturally (ART).

    Most of the surrogacy agency in Georgia is quite helpful and supportive and you can simply talk in this regard to our experts at Surrogacy consultancy. This way, you can avoid any kind of inconvenience or issues that may halt your surrogacy journey in the country.

    Few more reasons to consider surrogacy in Georgia

    Top notch Medical assistance and treatment

    Georgia is home to some of the best surrogacy clinics and IVF treatment centers in the country. Here, you can find affordable treatment options and medical support that is backed by the involvement of best in class fertility professionals.

    Cost-effective options

    Surrogacy programs at surrogacy clinics in Georgia are among the most cost-effective in the world. The costs are quite low for couples who cannot afford surrogate mother services in their own nations.

    Flexible laws

    Surrogacy is legal in Georgia, although only heterosexual couples are able to use it to achieve their parental goals. A contract in effect at ART institutions protects the rights and responsibilities of programme participants. The amount of money that can be paid to a surrogate mother is unregulated by law.

    Women who are unable to carry and give birth to a child on their own have the option of using a surrogate mother in Georgia. Besides, it’s possible that the patient’s eggs aren’t suitable for IVF or that they’re completely absent. In some circumstances, oocytes from an egg donor are utilised.

    The legalisation of egg donation and surrogacy has made it feasible for women who have been diagnosed with serious health complications, to become mothers.

    Legal custody of the child

    The cost of the surrogacy programme covers legal assistance and the completion of the baby’s paperwork. The names of the baby’s biological parents appear on the birth certificate straight away. The surrogate mother is not awarded parental rights, and she has no legal remedy if she chooses to do so.

    How can we help?

    At Surrogacy consultancy, we are backed by years of experience and knowledge in the field of assisted reproduction technology. We’ve also connected with some of the leading sperm banks and databases for surrogate moms and oocyte donors in Georgia, which are utilised by many fertility clinics.

    Surrogacy is one of the best options available to any couple or person to achieve their parenthood dreams. With surrogacy consultancy by your side, you can stay assured of getting the best support and assistance during every stage.

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