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Surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia is permitted to every individual and couple regardless of their sexual orientation. Given this broader definition of surrogacy in Colombia, the country has become an excellent option for couples and people who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of surrogacy in nearby countries like the United States and Canada.

While the surrogacy programs are ethical and affordable, they are further backed by the country’s state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and services.

Is surrogacy legal in Colombia?

Surrogacy stands legal in this part of the world and in contrast to many other countries, Colombia has a broader definition of “eligible” IPs, which includes homosexual couples as well as single men and women. So, even when you are looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia, you can undoubtedly proceed with your plans.

Still, it’s highly critical that one must get along with a reputed and experienced surrogacy agency in Colombia like Surrogacy Consultancy. Despite the fact that “commercial” surrogacy is illegal in Colombia, intending parents can compensate surrogate mothers for a portion of the costs. Because Colombia only allows gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother in Colombia will not be permitted to use her own eggs in this case.

A surrogate mother in Colombia may not be able to contact her child unless the intended parents give her permission. Moreover, in order to have the surrogate mother’s name removed from the birth certificate and substituted with their own, the intended parents must go to a Colombian court.

As long as the child is born in Colombia, the prospective parents can return to their home country and complete the citizenship transfer process while continuing to live in the same home where they grew up.

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    How much does surrogacy cost in Colombia?

    The cost of surrogacy in Colombia is established by taking into account a number of factors and elements. Intended parents considering surrogacy in Colombia should be aware that the nation offers a low cost of living while yet providing world-class infrastructure and medical facilities.

    Because of the lower cost of living in Colombia, not only is medical care more inexpensive but so is the cost of a surrogate mother in Colombia.

    Surrogacy in Colombia: Key points to consider

    Surrogate mother in ColombiaBeing an intended parent, you got to consider some key elements before taking the first step forward. Using a surrogate mother’s services is legal in Colombia unless it is not a commercial surrogacy agreement. According to Colombia’s Constitutional Court, surrogacy is a legal kind of assisted reproduction in the country.

    All children born through surrogacy in Colombia have full rights under the country’s constitution. Furthermore, all children, whether born in or out of wedlock, whether adopted or made through ART techniques, have the same rights and responsibilities.

    In addition, even if a child is born in a surrogacy agency in Colombia, the country ensures that the birth is documented and that the parents’ citizenship is preserved.

    In 2009, Colombia’s Constitutional Court determined that surrogacy should be legalized, and the country’s legislature was given orders to do so. Despite the fact that there is no statute regarding surrogacy in Colombia, the Supreme Court has issued its own suggestions. Any couple intending to use a surrogate mother in Colombia may now do so with confidence according to new legislation.

    Surrogacy for same-sex is also lawful in Colombia, thanks to the country’s liberal constitution. Because these groups are protected from discrimination under Colombian law, anyone interested in surrogacy can do so as long as they have a genetic tie with the child.

    Furthermore, under Article 100 of Colombia’s constitution, foreign nationals have the same civic rights and protections as Colombian natives. The law further states that:

    • Surrogacy is only considered in Colombia if the couple or individual is medically incapable to conceive.
    • In Colombia, the surrogate mother does not contribute her eggs to the IVF treatment process.
    • The surrogate mother must fulfill all of the pre-determined conditions for her selection.
    • To become a surrogate, a person must undergo an extensive medical and psychological examination.
    • After becoming pregnant, the surrogate mother is unable to cancel the delivery on behalf of the child’s parents.
    • The biological parents of the child must accept him or her after birth.
    • The child is not abandoned if his or her biological parents die before birth.
    • The surrogate can only terminate the pregnancy if her doctor instructs her to do so due to a serious medical condition.

    How surrogacy in Colombia works?

    surrogate in ColombiaThere is no big difference between surrogacy treatment processes in Colombia in comparison to other countries. As only Altruistic surrogacy is permitted in the country, no commercial agreement stands valid between the involved parties.

    In addition, the intended parents must register with a surrogacy agency in Colombia and pass a series of blood and sperm tests (if required)

    In order to have a face-to-face appointment with a doctor at one of our partner surrogacy clinics in Colombia, they must produce identification documents and pass a police background check. They’d next have to sign a surrogacy contract that would involve the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties concerned. IPs must also bring genuine copies of their marriage, birth, and change of name certificates. Also, if IPs is found to be suitable, an egg donor profile is provided to them, and sperm is delivered to Colombia if necessary.

    They’ll look through the surrogate mother’s profile in Colombia before making a decision. IPs can also provide gametes or embryos if they are required. After that, the surrogate mother in Colombia would be vetted and the embryo transfer procedure would be arranged.

    IPs and surrogates sign a more detailed Surrogacy Agreement when a surrogate pregnancy has been confirmed. Our professionals will manage all communication and coordination between the parties in the meantime.

    In addition, intended parents would have access to medical data, ultrasound photographs, and blood test results, which would all be maintained up to date. The doctor will give you a potential delivery date during the final month of your pregnancy.

    As soon as the baby is delivered, our partner surrogacy clinics in Colombia will get the infant’s official birth certificate. We’d next take care of all the paperwork for citizenship and passport applications for the kids.

    Why we are the best?

    Given our vast experience and expertise in the ART domain, we at surrogacy consultancy are committed to offering customized surrogacy solutions to all our esteemed clients.

    Before being given to an IP as a potential surrogate option, each of our surrogate mother in Colombia goes through a thorough psychological and medical screening process.

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