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Surrogacy for LGBT Couples

In the ART world, Surrogacy for LGBT couples has long been a contentious issue. While a few nations have
totally legalized
LGBTQ surrogacy, others have imposed partial or complete limitations.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the countries that have enacted their own
surrogacy laws and regulations in regard to surrogacy for LGBT couples.

The United States of America

Surrogacy laws differ from state to state in the United States. While surrogacy for LGBT couples in the USA is banned in certain states, others have put certain legal implications to it. Yet, there are states that have completely permitted surrogacy for LGBT couples in the USA.

On the other side, there are only a few surrogacy treatment clinics in the USA that facilitate surrogacy for LGBT couples in the USA. Gay singles and couples can profit from surrogacy and have their children born in California with all the right support and guidance.


As per surrogacy laws in Russia, Surrogacy for LGBT couples is a criminal offense in the country. Hence, neither any individual nor any surrogacy treatment clinic in Russia can proceed in the same regard.


Although commercial surrogacy is prohibited in Canada, non-commercial surrogacy for LGBT couples in Canada is permitted. Because the country ranks high on a lot of aspects like best-in-class medical care and fertility experts, most gay couples consider it a top surrogacy destination.


Surrogacy for LGBT couples in the UK is permissible as per the surrogacy laws in the UK, however, the laws don’t permit the procedure in a commercial manner. So, it is highly critical for gay couples to adhere to the rules and regulations in the same regard.


Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Ukraine is prohibited as the country only permits surrogacy for married heterosexual couples in Ukraine.


Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Australia is only allowed in New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, Queensland (QLD), South Australia and Victoria. On the other side, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and other States permit only heterosexual couples (married or de facto) or single women to seek surrogacy in Australia.


Surrogacy laws in Greece prohibit any gay couple or single men or women to pursue surrogacy within its legal territories. So we can say that if you are looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece, you may have to look elsewhere.

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    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia is legal and even if you are looking for surrogacy for singles in Colombia, you can proceed with your plans without any hassles. Surrogacy laws in Colombia overtly safeguard the rights of conception by assisted reproduction, and the Constitutional Court further extended that right to gestational surrogacy in a 2009 case.


    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Italy is non-permissible. In fact, the surrogacy laws in Italy don’t permit any kind of surrogacy arrangement i.e. surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Italy or Surrogacy for singles in Italy within its legal territories.

    Countries where surrogacy is Unregulated

    Surrogacy is unregulated across many countries like Albania or Ireland. This means that if you are looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Albania or even surrogacy for LGBT couples in Ireland, you can pursue that without any issues. Yet, one must connect with a reputed surrogacy treatment clinic in Albania or a surrogacy agency in Ireland for the same purpose.

    Several countries have passed flexible legislation that allows LGBT surrogacy and provides the most prominent framework for it. Even though it is illegal in the couple’s own country, they can travel to countries where it is legal and return to their home country with their dream child.

    In the same vein, finding the correct and most ethical surrogacy agency is critical. Despite the fact that it may cost you a little more, the association will ensure that your surrogacy journey is as smooth as possible.

    How we can help?

    At Surrogacy consultancy, we are committed to providing you the required support and guidance on the course of your surrogacy journey in your preferred country. While our experts are backed with years of experience in handling surrogacy for LGBT, you can stay assured of getting through the same process in a smooth and convenient manner.

    So, regardless of whether you are looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in France or surrogacy for LGBT couples in Spain, you can always count on our expertise. Connect with one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation.

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