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Options for Surrogacy for Singles in Russia

Legally secure surrogacy option for
single parents in Eastern Europe

surrogacy for singles in russiaNothing compares to the joy and anticipation of realizing your parent’s ambitions. So, if you’re interested in surrogacy for singles in Russia, you should know that the surrogacy laws in Russia do allow such arrangements. As a result, intended parents may easily pursue their parenthood ambitions without any hassles.

Surrogacy for single men is not outlawed in Russia; however, international parents should check their home country’s surrogacy laws before continuing. While single men and women in Russia are permitted to employ surrogacy, making an educated decision in the same direction is essential.

Surrogacy for single men in Russia- How it works?

Surrogacy in RussiaFor gestational surrogacy, single men who wish to have a family can utilize donated eggs or sperm (if they can’t provide their own sperm sample). In this situation, the gestational carrier will not be genetically linked to the kid.

We will help you discover an egg donor and a surrogate mother in Russia via our large pool of handpicked profiles. After the egg or sperm donor has been chosen, the surrogacy process will proceed as it would for any other intended parents.

While deciding to explore surrogacy, you still need to do a lot of research and planning before you can welcome a new family member into your house. To be clear, it is possible for a single guy in Russia to become a father through surrogacy.

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    Is it legal to pursue Surrogacy for Singles in Russia?

    surrogacy for single men in russiaIt is legal to pursue surrogacy for single men in Russia. In addition, traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy can be used to assist the intended parents in achieving their parental goals.

    In Russia, however, the majority of single parents choose gestational surrogacy. In this form of arrangement, there is no genetic tie between the surrogate mother and the baby she is carrying.

    Gestational surrogacy in Russia typically involves two people: an egg donor and a surrogate mother. Choose an egg donor from a list provided by our coordinators and counsellors to get started.

    Following that, our Russian surrogacy clinic partners aid us with the IVF process. To develop an embryo, fertility professionals at a surrogacy clinic in Russia combine the sperm and eggs of the prospective father and an egg donor. Once the embryo transfer is accomplished, the surrogate mother in Russia becomes a carrier for your future child.

    It’s a difficult and time-consuming process to decide whether or not to raise a child being a single man. In reality, one of the most difficult challenges for single men in determining whether or not to become parents in the first place, and then finding out how to do so.

    What Intended Parents Should Know About Single Parent Surrogacy?

    single parent surrogacy in Russia

    Russia has emerged as a viable surrogacy option for all child-seeking couples from Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world in recent years. Russia has established itself as one of the top surrogacy destinations in the world, because of its liberal surrogacy regulations and world-class medical support.

    Now, if you’re thinking about surrogacy in this part of the world, you’ll need to learn about Russian surrogacy legislation. As an intended parent, you should be aware that, according to Russian legislation, surrogacy is only available to heterosexual couples and single men & women. The couple must also show that they are unable to conceive naturally by presenting evidence that has been validated by a qualified medical practitioner.

    According to the terms of the ‘Federal Law on the Fundamentals of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation,’ which was approved in 2012, surrogacy is considered a legal arrangement in Russia.

    According to Russian law, any intended parent (domestic or foreign) is eligible to participate in gestational surrogacy if the following requirements are met:

    • In Russia, a surrogate mother cannot utilize her own eggs for surrogacy; instead, she must use the eggs from the intended mother or an egg donor.
    • To support their desire to pursue surrogacy in Russia, the couple or intended father must offer a medical explanation, as well as the necessary paperwork and evidence.
    • Throughout their surrogacy journey in Russia, both the intended parents and the surrogate mother must follow Russian surrogacy legislation.

    How much does surrogacy cost for single men in Russia?

    The cost of surrogacy for singles is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of IVF cycles conducted, the egg or sperm donor used, and the associated medical cost.

    If the pregnancy was obtained after a series of IVF cycles and involved a lengthy list of tests and diagnoses, the cost might be slightly higher. In addition, overseas couples must consider the cost of flights, housing, and other related expenses.

    Why Should You Opt for it?

    Surrogacy for single men in Russia is advantageous for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons some men prefer it to adoption is that it allows all unmarried men to donate their DNA to the future child.

    Selecting a surrogate mother who has already dealt with single Intended Parents is an important step in the process. If you’re an International Intended Parent, bear in mind that you must consider the rules of your native country, as well as how you can become a parent in accordance with those laws. In some countries, a single parent’s ability to use a surrogate mother is severely limited.

    When looking for a surrogate or egg donor, keep in mind that the process may need a substantial amount of time and work. As a result, working with a surrogacy agency in Russia, such as Surrogacy Consultancy, that is knowledgeable about all of the important elements and has the necessary skills to assist you with the entire surrogacy journey, is typically a good idea.

    How we can help?

    For many single men who desire to become fathers, surrogacy may come as a long and arduous process. While surrogacy isn’t everyone’s first choice for starting a family, for any man who wishes to have a biological child, it might be a good place to start.

    Still, you should always choose a reputed surrogacy agency in Russia like us that will be there for you at every stage. Here, we are a team of qualified specialists that have years of expertise and experience in the ART field. For a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators now!

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