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Surrogacy for couples in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia is making families possible with the legal protection
and lowest surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Colombia.

Surrogacy is becoming a more common choice in Colombia for every couple and individual regardless of their sexual orientation. Besides, there are several reasons why most individuals opt for surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Colombia- the medical care is simply world-class, the surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Colombia is reasonably low, and the legal framework is well-established in the country.

What makes surrogacy for couples in Colombia so popular?

Intended parents must know that Colombia’s healthcare system is ranked #22 out of 191 nations by the World Health Organization. This is way higher than Canada (#30) and the United States (#37). Furthermore, América Economa published a list of Latin America’s greatest hospitals, and 22 of the institutions were located in Colombia. That implies Colombia is home to half of Latin America’s finest hospitals.

In general, South America has been a popular vacation destination for medical tourism, with Colombia leading the way. Medical tourism in the region is being driven by growing healthcare expenditures throughout the world. Colombian hospitals have taken advantage of the opportunity by aggressively investing in high-quality medical services.

Colombians are all entitled to government-sponsored health care. Surrogate mothers and newborn infants are included in this category. Medical expenditures remain inexpensive even for people who do not have health insurance. A consultation with a professional will cost around $50, and you will be able to schedule one without having to wait long.

Colombia is a welcoming destination for travellers, with modern hospitals, Spanish and English-speaking specialists, and well-known medical infrastructure. The unique setting is great for sightseeing and recuperation.

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What is the cost of surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Colombia?

Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Colombia costs over $60,000 for a comprehensive package, depending on a list of factors like egg donor/sperm donor, additional medical costs, and so on. Besides, the same cost would go higher in the case of surrogacy for same-sex in Colombia and surrogacy for singles.

Because of the low cost of living paired with various first-world infrastructure and medical facilities, surrogacy can be deemed as affordable in Colombia. Colombia has a cost of living that is around one-third of that of California.

The decreased cost of living translates to cheaper bills for medical treatment as well as surrogate compensation. When the cost of living is taken into account, Colombian surrogates earn the same as or more than their American counterparts.

Because of the high cost of living in Bogota, a surrogate earning $15,000 in Bogota gets compensated the same as a surrogate earning $45,000 in California. Medical procedures that would cost $20,000 in the United States are a fraction of what is needed in Colombia to pursue surrogacy.

Hence, we can ascertain that not only surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Colombia is cheaper; it is further backed by high-quality medical care and support all along.

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    Surrogacy laws in Colombia

    Surrogacy is legal in Colombia for every couple and individual irrespective of their sexual orientation. The Colombian constitution protects assisted reproduction in general, and the Constitutional Court has upheld surrogacy in particular.

    Colombia’s National Constitution guarantees complete rights to children born through surrogacy. “Children born in or out of wedlock, adopted and procreated naturally or with technological aid, have equal rights and obligations,” the Constitution states. Furthermore, birth registration and citizenship are guaranteed in Colombia, even if the kid is delivered through surrogacy.

    Surrogacy was pronounced constitutional by the Colombian Constitutional Court in 2009, and parliamentarians were instructed to adopt supportive legislation. Despite the lack of a particular statute regulating surrogacy in Colombia, the Court set its own rules. In Colombia, safe and secure surrogacy is now the law of the country for all couples.

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in colombia

    Colombia’s constitution also guarantees that same-sex couples and single parents have access to surrogacy and other reproductive technologies. As long as there is a genetic relationship to the infant, the law protects these groups from discrimination. As a result, any would-be parents can explore surrogacy in Colombia.

    Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution extends equal rights to foreigners, granting them the same civil rights and assurances as Colombian citizens. The Constitutional Court defined the required criteria and standards for a surrogacy program, which include:

    • There is a physiological issue with conceiving
    • The surrogate isn’t using her eggs for the IVF procedure
    • The process of surrogacy is altruistic (non-commercial)
    • Adulthood, psychophysical health, bearing children, and other prerequisites must be met by the surrogate.
    • Surrogates must pass rigorous medical and psychological tests.
    • Surrogates (once pregnant) are unable to cancel the kid’s delivery on behalf of the parents, and biological parents are unable to deny the child under any circumstances.
    • The kid is not left unprotected if the biological parents die before delivery; the surrogate can only terminate the pregnancy if her doctor gives her permission.

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