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Surrogacy for Single Men in Mexico

Surrogacy in Mexico is a terrific choice if you’re ready to start a family. That said, programs for surrogacy for single men in Mexico don’t require you to be straight, married, or in a relationship. This is where many prospective parents pick our programs because of their flexibility.

Because we think that everyone should be able to have a child of their own, regardless of their status, we also have a program specifically created for men who are HIV positive. At Surrogacy Consultancy, our staff goes above and beyond to assist our clients in realizing their desire to become parents. From addressing your initial inquiries to assisting you in locating a place to stay in Cancun to assisting you in obtaining your child’s passport, we will take care of everything to the core. We are professionals with years of knowledge who are here to assist in educating and informing.

Surrogacy for Single Men in Mexico

The process related to surrogacy for single men in Mexico is not that complicated. You will be able to determine the quality of your sperm once you obtain the findings of your semenogram (sperm analysis). We are able to directly inject sperm into an egg cell thanks to ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Because of this, you can still fertilize the egg cells with sperm that have low motility. The Premium Cancun Surrogacy Program includes this service.

Why you must opt for Surrogacy Consultancy in regards to surrogacy for single men in Mexico?

If you are single, here are the top explanations for picking our partner IVF clinics for your surrogacy program:

  • No obligation to be wed or in a relationship
  • English-speaking staff
  • State-of-the-art medical facilities
  • No lengthy waits or matching processes
  • Streamlined passport acquisition procedure for your child
  • A sizable database of egg donors who have undergone medical evaluation
  • Exceptional customer support to ease your travel

We are well aware of the difficulties and issues that come with surrogacy, particularly those that single men seeking children experience. Due to both the financial and emotional investment involved in surrogacy, it can be emotionally stressful. You will need the support of friends and family during your trip if you are a single person. We strongly advise you to travel to our clinic in Mexico with close friends or family members, as many of our patients do.

We are completely open and honest about all of our cost structures and processes, and we give prospective parents tours of our partner clinics in Cancun. You can reach out to our support team at any time with questions or concerns, and they will respond as quickly as they can.

Surrogacy for Single Men in Mexico: How it works?

There are a few tasks you must finish before you can start your surrogacy journey.

Testing for STIs: The test must be finished within six months of your sperm deposit since it is crucial to ensure that you are not secretly carrying any infections. The disorders that your test should look for are listed below:

  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis C
  • B-type hepatitis

You should take all of the following actions:

  • HBsAg: When you test positive for HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface antigen), it signifies you currently have HBV infection and can spread the infection to others.
  • Anti-HBc (Antibody against the core antigen of hepatitis B): If this is either positive or reactive, it indicates that you either currently have an HBV infection or once had one.
  • Anti-HBs: (Hepatitis B surface antigen antibody) If this is positive, you are protected against HBV infection either through vaccination
  • Semenogram (Semen Analysis): Additionally, you must conduct a sperm analysis in your own nation or state and scan or send the results to us (must be less than 6 months old at the time of leaving your sperm deposit with us at our clinic). This is crucial so that we can assess the caliber of your sperm.

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    After completing those four processes, you can start looking for your ideal egg donor. You should pick five egg donors and present your preferences to our support staff. The support team will then validate the cost and the availability of your donation. You will then choose your egg donor in the end.

    Selecting Egg donors in Mexico

    Selecting an egg donor is a crucial decision. You must sign your contract and finish stage one payment in order for us to “lock in” your egg donor. This payment will ensure that another client does not choose your egg donor.

    We will assist you in planning your trip to Cancun to leave your sperm deposit when your stage one payment has been received. For this initial trip, we advise that you book a minimum of three business days in Cancun. This will give our partner clinics enough time to test your sample and make sure it is ready for fertilization.

    We’ll assist you in choosing your accommodations. Cancun is renowned for its world-class beachfront resorts, but we also have wonderful less expensive options near the clinic. Should you want assistance while visiting Cancun, our staff will be pleased to assist you.

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