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Surrogacy cost in Georgia

The surrogacy treatment cost in Georgia varies from $55,000 to $60,000.

The surrogacy cost for couples in Georgia is much lower in comparison with other European countries.

Still, it all depends on what type of surrogacy program you have opted for and what elements (egg donor, sperm donor, multiple IVF cycles) are involved in your surrogacy journey within the country.

Still, while making an informed decision and getting on board with Surrogacy Consultancy, you can rest assured of getting the most personalized, ethical, and affordable surrogacy process.

Before you proceed with the cost factor, it is crucial to know about all the other related aspects of surrogacy in Georgia.

Surrogacy in Georgia is only permitted for married heterosexual couples ( local or foreign). Besides, the intended mother needs to furnish several documents to confirm her inability to conceive.

So, one must know that surrogacy treatment cost in Georgia would also vary depending on the elements of your respective surrogacy journey in the country.

surrogacy treatment cost in georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia: Why is it recommended?

Georgia, an Eastern European country, provides a legal framework that recognizes only married heterosexual couples, including foreign intended parents, as legal parents of a child delivered through surrogacy, making it a popular international surrogacy destination.

Previously, prospective parents had to be married, but it appears that parents living together can qualify as well (although we would always recommend seeking legal advice from our professionals in this regard).

Other sorts of intended parents, such as same-sex and single parents, are not eligible for (or legal for) surrogacy in Georgia, thus you should be cautious if you are offered surrogacy services unless you are in a different-sex relationship.

As you interact with the professionals of Surrogacy Consultancy, we can assist you in comprehending surrogacy laws in Georgia and your other overseas options. These are one-on-one discussions in which you may discuss your specific alternatives as well as the practical and legal implications of each path.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting.

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    surrogacy cost for couples in georgia

    Surrogacy treatment cost in Georgia?

    The surrogacy cost for couples in Georgia ranges from $60000 to $75000, depending on the type of surrogacy program chosen. Most surrogacy providers charge on the basis of a package that includes various services and is staged at different points during your surrogacy journey.

    However, it is critical to understand what is and is not included. In most situations, you’ll need to budget for travel and lodging, as well as legal expenses in the country, in addition to the surrogacy cost in Georgia.

    At Surrogacy Consultancy, we offer the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options to all child-seeking couples across the globe. With our professional by your side, you can stay assured of receiving the best and most personalized care and support during every step of your surrogacy journey.

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    How do pick the right surrogacy agency in Georgia?

    Although most Surrogacy agencies in Georgia have someone on staff who knows English, intended parents have a wide range of experiences; therefore it’s crucial to speak with the agency about:

    • Whether they prepare and screen surrogates in a certain way.
    • Whether they help surrogates throughout the process in a variety of ways.
    • When they expect to match with a surrogate mother
    • What will the expenses be and what will they include?
    • What kind of experience do they have dealing with intended parents?
    • What kind of help they can provide throughout the procedure, including after the baby is born?

    All of this is important to know in order to control your expectations and understand how a surrogacy treatment process in Georgia works.

    surrogacy cost in georgia

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