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Surrogacy in Greece

Surrogacy in Greece is legal since 2002 and the entire legislation related to surrogacy in the country is governed by Article 1458 of the Greek Civil Code and Law 3305/2005 – Medically Assisted Reproduction Enforcement.

Even while the surrogacy laws in Greece suggest that altruistic surrogacy is permitted in the country, it clearly eliminates the possibility of payment of required expenditures for IVF, pregnancy, and delivery, as well as restitution of damages and lost income for any unpaid leave of absence for the Greece surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy period.

Is surrogacy in Greece Legal?

Only Altruistic surrogacy is legal in Greece for all the local and foreign individuals and couples. Besides, non-EU nationals have been authorized to use surrogacy in Greece since July 2014. That said, the Intended parents have to prove their eligibility before pursuing a surrogacy arrangement in the country.

IPs must be married or unmarried heterosexual couples or single women, according to Greek surrogacy legislation. There is no necessity that the embryos developed have any biological ties to either IP; nevertheless, when donor embryos are used, passport applications may become significantly more complicated, especially for UK nationals. Moreover, couples considering international surrogacy in Greece should think about this before contacting a surrogacy agency in Greece.

Besides, it is completely illegal to put any advertisements and promotional campaigns for the surrogate mother’s search in the country.

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    How Egg donation process in Greece works?

    The egg donation process in Greece has to be anonymous as per the surrogacy laws in Greece. On the other side, surrogacy clinics in Greece can offer thoroughly coordinated and screened egg donors without revealing their identity to the intended parents.

    This is where the intended parents must specify their requirements and expectations to the surrogacy clinic in Greece beforehand. Eggs, embryos, and sperm can be transported straight from your registered clinic to the surrogacy agencies in Greece that have been granted import licenses.

    What is the cost of surrogacy in Greece?

    For every intended parent pursuing surrogacy in Greece, the cost of surrogacy in Greece normally runs between $85,000 and $100,000 on average. The cost of surrogacy in Greece depends on a list of factors and aspects like the cost incurred for the entire treatment process, cost of medications, IVF cycles performed, and other factors.

    While seeking inexpensive surrogacy in Greece, you may discuss this with our experts that are backed by years of experience and expertise in the same domain.

    How it work?

    Initially, the intended parents have to get medical proof from a professional doctor to confirm that they are unable to conceive. Once done, the surrogacy clinic in Greece would sign a contract with the IPs.

    Afterward, a surrogate mother in Greece would be assigned to the Intended Parents. Post that, the surrogacy agreements and court documentation are prepared by our legal specialists. Later, the IPs fly to Greece to complete the agreement, meet with the staff of our partner surrogacy agency in Greece and deliver embryo transfer instructions.

    If applicable, IPs would then offer their gametes or embryos. After 6–8 weeks, the court application is filed and validated by our legal specialists. Once done, medical preparation for the surrogate begins and the transfer of embryos takes place at a surrogacy agency in Greece.

    Intended parents would then be notified about the pregnancy confirmation and possible delivery date. The court order, along with the surrogacy agreement and other papers, is provided to the hospital and civil registry at the time of delivery in order for a birth certificate to be issued with the IPs’ names as parents.

    Finally, post the birth of the child, the intended parents can take the child along with them to their home country.

    Searching and screening the surrogate mother in Greece

    Although it is illegal to advertise for surrogates, there are a few surrogacy agencies in Greece that have a pool of surrogates to choose from. With surrogacy consultancy by your side, you can stay assured of getting all your needs taken care of.

    Surrogates are subjected to extensive screening to confirm that they are free of any physical or mental health complications. On the other hand, the Intended Parents do not have the option of selecting their surrogate mother in Greece. Instead, a surrogate is appointed to you, as it is in Ukraine and Georgia. You may have to wait for a bit longer to confirm the appointment of your surrogate. Besides, UK citizens are linked with unmarried or divorced surrogates since this ensures that they will be granted UK citizenship, resulting in a faster departure procedure.

    A surrogate mother in Greece has their accommodations. However, our partner surrogacy clinics in Greece may offer a nurse to watch and care for the surrogate mother in Greece from the time she initially enrolls in the program (at least three months prior to embryo transfer) until the kid is delivered (at least two months).

    You need a court order prior to Embryo transfer

    Intended parents must know that they require a court order prior to the embryo transfer during the surrogacy process in Greece. This entire procedure will be handled for you by our surrogacy professionals and partner surrogacy clinics in Greece. It takes about two to three months and you don’t always need to attend court hearings. The court receives a copy of the surrogacy agreement. If the surrogate is married, the court must additionally have the approval of her husband.

    The court’s decision will establish that the parties are eligible to sign into a surrogacy agreement under Greek law and that any child created is the IPs’, not the surrogate’s, kid. After the embryo transfer, the surrogate has no ability to modify her mind.

    The birth of the child

    When the kid is born, it will inherit the IPs’ citizenship based on their laws. The kid does not have the right to citizenship in Greece. So, being an intended parent, you can return to your home country with the kid easily.

    At Surrogacy consultancy, we will be by your side during every step of your surrogacy journey. Our specialists and partner surrogacy clinic in Greece would further support you given any legal, medical, or general requirements.

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