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Surrogacy for Singles in Australia

Single intended parent looking for a surrogate and not sure where to start?
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Surrogacy for singles in Australia is permissible given that you adhere to all the pre-defined rules and regulations in the country. If you are an intended parent, you must know that you can simply pursue surrogacy in the majority of Australian states without any legal hassles. Still, in order to be qualified for surrogacy in Western Australia, you must be in a committed relationship (gay couples are also prohibited in WA).

Western Australia is drafting laws to make surrogacy legal for gay couples and single men. However, if you are now looking for surrogacy for single men in Australia, we must recommend you pick a different state altogether.

In any other state than Western Australia, you can enter a surrogacy agreement without being in a marital relationship.

Still, in order to make the most out of your journey related to surrogacy for single men in Australia, you must connect with a reputed surrogacy agency in Australia like Surrogacy consultancy. Additionally, you must conduct your research in regards to the rules and regulations regarding surrogacy by checking other web pages on our website.

surrogacy for singles in australia

Surrogacy for single men in Australia: How it works?

The intended parent needs to connect with our coordinators to get started with surrogacy for singles in Australia. Besides, you would need an egg donor to proceed with your aspirations in the same regard. You must also know that finding an egg donor is possible via a variety of methods, including clinic-recruited donors, family or friends, and our partner egg donor agencies. Besides, you can connect with an egg donor within your connections and family members.

However, our affiliated egg donation organizations will be available to you throughout your surrogacy journey in Australia in order to make it smoother and simpler for you. At surrogacy consultancy, we solely work towards providing you with the best surrogacy options at the most reasonable costs.

surrogacy for single men in australia

What prospective parents should know about Australian surrogates?

In Australia, the surrogate can opt to bear children for a lesbian couple, a cancer survivor, or a person who has never had children. Similar to this, some surrogates also want to support a single man who would like to realize his parenthood dreams. Instead of a lack of desire, the biggest issue in Australia is a lack of women who are willing to be surrogates.

Half of the Australian surrogates are already familiar with the prospective parents through friends or family. The other half connected with their potential parents through online forums and social media. We can therefore conclude that you may have to put in some extra effort in order to secure the services of a surrogate.

This is where you must connect with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Australia that can help you from the start till the end of your surrogacy journey. This is where we, at Surrogacy Consultancy can help you achieve your parenthood dreams. You can realize your desire to become a parent the proper way by using our extensive network of vetted and certified egg donors and surrogates.

Why we are the best?

We are a team of the best surrogacy professionals who carry years of experience and expertise in the same domain. When you have a need or a requirement linked to surrogacy for singles in Australia, our experts will be right there to help you at every step of your surrogacy journey. Thanks to their extensive training and experience, these professionals are able to manage surrogacy processes with ease and convenience.

Additionally, even if you decide to seek surrogacy in another nation, we will support you at every step of your journey. You can either pursue surrogacy in Australia or even opt for countries like the United States and Canada that come among the nations that will support a single intended parent.

Additionally, our experts will assist you in locating possible egg donors and surrogate moms in each of these nations. Even though you are a single man, you should be able to file for Citizenship by Descent for the baby in Australia. So, you may have to consult a lawyer in Australia and your final destination before moving forward.

Well, to make it easier and simpler for you, our qualified team of legal experts and counsellors can help you with all kinds of legal support and assistance. Additionally, they will help you in drafting the surrogacy contract or dealing with any kind of issues or disputes with the surrogate.

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