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Surrogacy for Heterosexual Couples in Israel

Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel is permissible given that you adhere to all the pre-defined regulations and laws in the same regard. While the government of Israel has recently approved surrogacy for LGBT couples in Israel, the country no allows surrogacy for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

That said, you must always associate with a reputed surrogacy agency in Israel before getting any further. This way, you can always ensure the right care and support all along your surrogacy journey in the country.

Is surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel permitted?

Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel is a permissible process. Still, prior to moving further, the intended parents are recommended to review the components of Israel’s surrogacy regulations that are listed below.

Several types of judicial decrees are used in Israel to officially recognize parentage:

a. When necessary, a court order recognizing biological parenthood is issued.

b. Through a constitutive judicial adoption order, the Adoption of Children Law 5741-1981 recognizes parentage acquired through adoption.

c. Parentage by gestational surrogacy is recognized in Israel by a constitutive judicial parenthood order under the Agreements for Carrying of Embryos (Approval of the Agreement and Status of the Infant) Law 5756-1996.

Other legal considerations in regards to surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel

There are not many legal complications associated with surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel. Still, In order for single men and same-sex couples to be included in surrogacy arrangements, the definitions of “designated parents” and “designated single mother” in Article 1 of the Arrangements Law will be abolished. So, we can confirm that there are no legal issues pertaining to even surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Israel.

The notion of equity and two standards should guide the interpretation of the Surrogacy Arrangements Law and the pertinent parts of the Egg Donation Law, 5770-2010:

A. It is important to steer clear of any interpretations that restrict same-sex couples and single men’s ability to establish surrogacy arrangements and threaten the rights to equality and motherhood.

B. The terms of the Agreement shall be applied equally, with any necessary modifications.

The expansion of surrogacy arrangements in Israel does not negate the goal of surrogacy procedures in Israel or their medical significance for women, and the amendment and repeal of these definitions have no bearing on the overall legal framework of the Surrogacy Arrangements Law and the Egg Donation Law.

The Committee for the Approval of Arrangements for Surrogacy’s guidelines and the phrasing of the forms used to submit requests to the Committee have been altered and adjusted in compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling and the changes above.

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    Legal considerations related to the Surrogacy contract

    On July 17, 2018, Section 5 of the Amendment No. 2 to Law 5756-1996 on Agreements for Carrying of Embryos (Approval of the Agreement and Status of the Infant) established specific qualifications for intended parents and surrogate mothers throughout the Law, including age restrictions and the absence of criminal history. The law is applicable to heterosexual couples and single mothers who are medically unable to become parents.

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