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International Surrogacy in Spain

Surrogacy for Parents in Spain. What are the laws?

Surrogacy in Spain is completely banned according to a ruling passed by the Spanish government a few years back. So, in case you are looking for a feasible surrogacy option via surrogacy clinics in Spain, you may opt for other destinations like the UK, USA, Georgia, Canada, and Ukraine.

The surrogacy regulations in Spain are among the toughest in all of Europe. Couples or individuals in Spain who want to become parents via surrogacy should think about using an international surrogate. Several countries are considered the leading locations worldwide for international surrogacy. You can find the ideal surrogate with the help of global surrogacy agencies.

Yet, as you go ahead with your surrogacy plans in either of these countries, staying informed about their surrogacy legislation and other related aspects is highly critical. Besides, dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency in Spain can help you during every stage of your respective surrogacy journey.

Here, we have compiled a list of surrogacy laws in Spain and overseas and other related aspects related to some of the most sought-after surrogacy destinations.

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The Challenges Of Surrogacy In Spain

In Spain surrogacy is prohibited. The Assisted Reproduction Act in Spain considers all surrogacy contracts with any surrogacy clinic in Spain null and void. Due to this, individuals and couples who wish to become parents through surrogacy are turning to international surrogacy.

Over the past few years, international surrogacy has gained immense popularity in Spain. Using a surrogate locally is prohibited, but doing it internationally is not. Unfortunately, finding a suitable international surrogate can be challenging.

As a result, many Spanish couples and individuals are looking for surrogates in countries like Georgia and Ukraine. In addition to being legal, choosing a surrogate is also less expensive and open to fewer regulations in certain countries. Surrogacy Consultancy in Spain can help you with this.

One of the main benefits of looking for a surrogacy option abroad is that the intended parents and the surrogate would enter into a legal agreement, eliminating the possibility of any accidental attempt to violate the agreement.

The child would be delivered in the safest possible medical context, and the state laws of those countries would also protect the intended parent’s and surrogate’s basic rights during the whole journey.

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    surrogacy treatment cost in spain

    Surrogacy cost in Spain

    Surrogacy is a difficult process in terms of legal limitations, emotional ups and downs, and medical success rates in addition to being costly.

    The cost of surrogacy varies depending on the location, type, and needs of the intended parents. Finding a surrogate is essential once you have decided that surrogacy is right for you. The type of surrogacy you will use will then be discussed.

    The cost for Gay, same-sex surrogacy is quite higher than the surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Spain. On average deciding factors for Surrogacy cost for couples in Spain includes:

    Surrogate Mother in Spain: the surrogate, including her costs and financial change, are the responsibility of the intended parents.

    Clinic fees: Depending on the insertion techniques used, this cost will vary. How many times you try and which clinic you go to are other deciding variables.

    A renowned surrogacy consultant in Spain can help you with all the legal advice regarding the surrogacy process, laws and surrogacy treatment cost in Spain.

    Your alternatives for Surrogacy for couples in Spain

    Surrogacy in Cyprus

    surrogate mother in spainAs surrogacy is unregulated in Cyprus, surrogacy clinics can proceed with embryo transfers from intended parents to surrogate mothers without any major issues. The surrogacy arrangement or contract between the surrogate mother and the intended parents is invalid and unenforceable in court.

    Surrogacy for singles in Spain is not legally permitted but fortunately, we have alternatives that allow intended parents to fulfil their dream of forming a family who is looking for surrogacy for singles in Spain. And Cyprus is one of the best options for them.

    Surrogacy in Georgia

    In Georgia, surrogacy is only authorized for heterosexual couples (be it local or International). Furthermore, because Georgia has no pre-defined surrogacy legislation, couples must exercise extra caution while making arrangements and working with surrogacy in Georgia.

    The healthcare system in this country is pretty good, and intended parents may expect the best medical treatment and assistance possible. Besides, if you’re seeking alternatives for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Spain, you might have to go elsewhere as this country only permit surrogacy for heterosexual couples.

    Surrogacy in Australia

    Surrogacy in Australia is also a feasible alternative to surrogacy in Spain. Yet, the intended parents must know that only altruistic surrogacy is allowed in Australia, and they are not allowed to place any advertisements or notices in the media while seeking a surrogate mother in Australia.

    Advertisements for surrogate collaboration or screening, egg or sperm donation, or other surrogacy-related components are likewise prohibited under surrogacy laws in Australia. This is why collaborating with Australia’s best and most ethical surrogacy agency in Spain like Surrogacy consultancy is so important. Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Australia is also permitted and even singles can look forward to realizing their parenthood dreams via surrogacy here.

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    Surrogacy in Canada

    Couples might also consider Canada as a surrogacy alternative to Spain because the nation is home to some of the best medical professionals and institutes.

    Furthermore, Canada’s surrogacy rules allow anybody, regardless of sexual orientation, to become a parent. Surrogacy for gay couples in Spain is not legally permitted but in South Australia, Victoria and some more states, Gay surrogacy is allowed.

    One of the most convincing reasons why Canada draws a big number of medical tourists throughout the year is mainly due to the big list of expert health professionals and other establishments in the country.

    Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Spain or other European countries where surrogacy is banned is possible by opting for a different country like Canada.

    Aside from the finest medical standards, you may work with the best IVF specialists in Canada during surrogacy, which will do their best to meet your individual demands.

    Surrogacy in the UK

    The surrogate mother is considered the legal parent of the born child under UK surrogacy legislation, even though she has no biological links to the child. If the surrogate mother is married, however, her husband will be deemed the legal father of the child.

    The intended parents, as well as the surrogate and her husband’s joint approval in this regard, must petition for custody of the future child here. Furthermore, it is illegal in the nation to place ads on billboards and banners in search of a surrogate mother. Intended parents looking for surrogacy for couples in Spain can opt for surrogacy in the UK.

    Furthermore, if the intended parents and the surrogate mother disagree on the custody of the future child, the country’s courts will make the final decision.

    How can we help?

    At Surrogacy Consultancy, our knowledge and experience will work for you regardless of where you choose to travel for your surrogacy plans. At every stage of your surrogacy journey, you can rest assured of receiving all of the essential assistance and direction from our team of surrogacy specialists and legal experts.

    For more information regarding the process, laws and surrogacy cost for couples in Spain, get in touch with one of our client coordinators now!

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