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What we do

​What we do

After you make the first contact with us, we will start the analysis of your case. We might need to require more details if the initial information is not enough for us to proceed with the analysis.

After all necessary information is collected, we will start the process of creating the individual plan. First, we will evaluate the possibilities based on your criteria, prepare one or more options and go through them together with you. Finally, we find the best solution and prepare the proposal.

Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBT

Recommendations, advice, and further discussions will be in place all the time during this initial phase.

We will then connect you with our partners and service providers from our network which will match your customized plan. This will not be the end of the road for us, we will follow your journey and provide support until the happy end.

The professional support will be in place, we will make sure that the clinical part is done within the highest standards. We regularly visit our partnering clinics and their laboratories to support their continuous quality improvement.

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