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Individual plan​

Individual plan​

A custom-made program will be made for you based on your preferences and criteria:

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Need for an egg donor and/or surrogate

There are many options available these days. We can provide an egg donor matching search for you based on your chosen preferences of nationality. Donor matching time may vary.

Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBTYou can have the embryos created at a clinic of your choice or we will recommend one for you.

Genetic testing is a very good option to ensure that only a healthy embryo will be transferred and hence increase your chances up to ~95 %. Also, sex selection is available in many countries.

Transportation of frozen and genetically tested embryos is possible worldwide, directly to the country of your chosen surrogate.

We will help you with the surrogate choice. There are surrogates available immediately, however matching with the right one is recommended. All surrogates undergo all varieties of tests (blood tests, gynecology examinations, hormonal profiles, psychological tests).

A surrogacy contract will take place. It is a legal contract between you and the surrogate, in which you agree to take care of the needs of your surrogate and the surrogate agrees to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This contract is about respect, ethics, and the appreciation of mutual understanding.

Our consulting agency will be with you throughout the whole process, supporting you all the way, especially during the hard times when decisions must be made. You can contact us anytime on your journey.

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