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Surrogacy cost for couples in Colombia

Colombia surrogacy costs & programs: how much the entire program
of surrogacy treatment cost in Colombia.

Surrogacy in Colombia has appeared to be the top choice for numerous couples across the globe given the flexible laws and lower surrogacy costs in Colombia.

Still, if you are an intended parent, you must do the required research and investigation before stepping any further.

Why choose Colombia as your preferred surrogacy destination?

Numerous childless couples and single individuals can now fulfil their ambition of having a genetically related child because of assisted reproductive technology (ART). In recent years, Colombia has developed into a well-liked and ideal location for medical tourism given these flexible surrogacy options.

Everyone in Colombia, including gay and lesbian couples, single mothers and fathers, and heterosexual couples who are unable to produce children, has access to surrogacy services. Still, finding a reputable surrogacy agency in Colombia that offers the best and most customized services is crucial.

surrogacy cost in colombia

surrogacy cost for couples in colombia

Understanding the surrogacy cost in Colombia

Most of the intended parents are concerned about this question- how much is surrogacy cost in Colombia? Well, the answer to the same questions depends on a list of factors like medical costs, the number of IVF cycles, the cost of a surrogate mother in Colombia, and so on.

The topic of surrogacy cost in Colombia stands crucial given the limited budget availability of certain couples. Still, it’s important to set aside enough money for the surrogate mother’s own expenses as well as money for her pregnancy and any required medical treatments.

The surrogate mother’s cost covers her remuneration and compensation, such as the price of doctor visits, improved diet, pregnancy-related clothing, possible relocation costs, etc. Colombia offers services at far lower costs than other nations and you can pursue a surrogacy program at just $55,000 on average, however, prices might vary widely.

Why dealing with a surrogacy agency in Colombia is a pre-requisite?

To carry their baby to term, couples choose to employ a surrogate mother in Colombia for their surrogacy program. Today, there are many different types of surrogacy programs but all of them involve” teamwork” between a surrogate mother and the intended parents. In many cases, both parties have no prior knowledge of the other and this is where a surrogacy agency steps in.

Even while it is possible to locate a surrogate mother or a couple who wishes to work together to find a solution to their issue in online interaction, this kind of cooperative alternative is incredibly unreliable.

The only viable option for surrogacy in Colombia is dealing with a trusted surrogacy agency. A proven agency is also a guarantee of dependability. At the reproduction facility, both parties will get top-notch medical attention as well as legal protections. You will be completely delighted, for instance, if you choose the best agency like surrogacy consultancy.

IVF comes as the primary preparation stage and the couple must rigorously adhere to the doctor’s suggestions and maintain a healthy lifestyle to obtain high-quality treatment for IVF. Given the top-notch care and support from the surrogacy agency, the couple can stay assured of receiving the best care and support during every step of their surrogacy journey.

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    What types of surrogacy options are available in Colombia?

    Traditional surrogacy: It suggests that the surrogate mother and the unborn kid have a genetic bond. In vitro fertilization or intrauterine sperm, insemination can help with natural fertilization. Although traditional surrogacy has its roots in the distant past, it is outright illegal and is comparable to child trafficking in most nations. However, some couples continue to use this method of surrogacy.

    Gestational surrogacy: The surrogate mother and the unborn kid are not related genetically in this kind of arrangement. She carries the embryo that is developed and fertilized in a lab dish after mixing the genetic material of the potential parents.

    IVF alternatives for this kind of surrogacy include the following:

    • Both potential parents’ sex cells are utilized. In this instance, the child and parents share a full genetic relationship.
    • The pregnant mother’s oocytes and donor sperm are both utilized. Since the embryo is genetically related to its biological mother alone in this instance, the genetic tie is seen as partial or truncated.
    • Both donor oocytes and the future father’s male ejaculate are utilized. Since the embryo’s only genetic link is to the father in this instance, the genetic relationship will also be insufficient.

    Intended parents must know that given the involvement of a sperm or an egg donor, the cost of surrogacy in Colombia may go higher. Still, at Surrogacy Consultancy, we can assure you of offering the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans. Simply connect with one of our coordinators to schedule a free consultation!

    surrogacy treatment cost in colombia

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