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Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus

Cyprus’s enforceable laws in assisted reproductive treatment
make this country an ideal destination around the globe.

The marvels of modern reproductive technology have expanded the horizons of family-building, and surrogacy stands as one of the most prominent methods among them. That said, surrogacy, at its essence, is an arrangement where a woman agrees to bear a child for another individual or couple, who will then become the child’s parent(s) after birth.

Also, the journey, though filled with hope and joy, often treads the complex terrain of legal regulations.

Talking about surrogacy laws in Cyprus, we can affirm that the country doesn’t bring any pre-defined regulations specifically related to surrogacy. Still, there is certain guideline according to the family laws in Cyprus that defines the outline of the surrogacy procedure in this European country. Also, to get a detailed understanding of the same, you should consider checking the information stated below.

surrogacy laws in Cyprus

Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus?

As mentioned in the above sections, the country doesn’t bring through stringent surrogacy laws. Instead, you will have to abide by certain regulations and guidelines as per the Cypriot family law while getting along with your surrogacy journey.

Also, before diving into the legal structure, it’s important to differentiate between the two primary types of surrogacy options available in Cyprus:

Gestational Surrogacy: The surrogate carries an embryo created using an egg and sperm from the intended parents or donors. Besides, she has no genetic link to the child. This type of surrogacy is highly popular given the fact that the surrogate mother doesn’t have any genetic connection with the born child.

Traditional Surrogacy: The surrogate’s egg is used to achieve conception, making her the biological mother of the child. Moreover, this type of surrogacy arrangement isn’t very popular due to the biological association of the surrogate with the child. Here, the intended parents also feel skeptical about the fact that the child may grasp the ethical and cultural values of the surrogate only.

Legally, gestational surrogacy is often deemed less complex since the surrogate has no genetic ties to the child. Also, Traditional surrogacy, due to its biological implications, can sometimes be filled with legal challenges concerning maternal rights.

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    Legal process in Cyprus

    Comparing Surrogacy laws in Cyprus with surrogacy laws across the globe!

    USA: The United States lacks a federal law on surrogacy, leaving the matter to individual states. Moreover, this results in a patchwork of regulations. Besides, some states, like California, are surrogacy-friendly, facilitating both gestational and traditional surrogacy contracts. In contrast, others like Michigan, criminalize paid surrogacy.

    Europe: European countries (other than Cyprus) showcase a spectrum of regulations. Also, countries like the UK allow altruistic (unpaid) surrogacy but prohibit commercial surrogacy. Meanwhile, countries like Germany and France prohibit all forms of surrogacy.

    Asia: India, once a hub for global surrogacy tourism, has tightened its laws, now allowing only altruistic surrogacy for domestic heterosexual couples. Thailand, following certain controversies, banned commercial surrogacy for foreigners. In contrast, countries like Georgia offer a more liberal approach, attracting international intended parents.

    Australia: Australia permits altruistic surrogacy but prohibits its commercial variant. However, laws can vary between states and territories.

    Africa: The African continent largely lacks comprehensive legislation on surrogacy. However, South Africa stands out, recognizing surrogacy agreements under specific conditions.

    Looking at the surrogacy regulations across the globe, we can certainly say that Cyprus still stands in a comparatively comfortable position. Here, you can proceed with your surrogacy aspirations without any second thoughts. Also, given the lack of pre-defined laws, anyone, irrespective of their sexual preferences can proceed with their parenthood dreams in this part of the world.

    Legal challenges during the surrogacy process in Cyprus

    Parental custody issues:  The surrogate mother would stay as the legal mother of the child after its birth along with the intended father. Moreover, the intended parents have to file for parental custody in the local court to take the child back to their country of origin.

    Now, given the absence of stringent surrogacy laws in Cyprus, surrogates may, at times deny giving up on the child’s custody. This is where most local couples opt for surrogacy overseas in order to get away with any such complications during their surrogacy journey. Also, these Intended parents often travel to countries with lenient regulations or quality medical facilities. Besides, this comes with challenges, especially when returning home with the child. Also, the child’s citizenship and the parent’s legal rights might be questioned.

    Exploitation Concerns: Given the absence of string surrogacy laws in the country, there’s potential for the exploitation of surrogates, often from vulnerable socioeconomic backgrounds. This is where it is always recommended for the surrogates to connect with trusted agencies like Surrogacy consultancy.

    Legal Parentage: In many jurisdictions, even if surrogacy is successful, there’s a complex legal process to establish the intended parents’ rights, often requiring adoption.

    Rights of the surrogate mother: The rights of the surrogate mother, especially in the case of traditional surrogacy, can always come as a matter of concern.

    is surrogacy legal in cyprus

    Also, as there are no pre-defined laws in the same regard, surrogate mothers can always ask for more money in return for their services. At the same time, there is always a chance of their exploitation while paying them huge amounts for their services.

    While these challenges may come along during surrogacy in any given country, one must always take the right precautions. Hence, they must connect with the most trusted and reputed surrogacy agency in Cyprus to get along with their surrogacy aspirations in the country. Talking about the best, Surrogacy consultancy is surely your top choice for Cyprus surrogacy with the best pool of legal professionals in our team.

    How Surrogacy consultancy will help you?

    Surrogacy laws in Cyprus, as they stand nowadays, reflect the supportive attitude of the Cypriot society at large. That said, these laws still deal with the tug-of-war between defending the rights and well-being of all parties and recognizing the significant human craving to sustain and raise a child.

    This is where at surrogacy consultancy; we always make sure to keep everyone’s rights and interests in check on their way during the surrogacy journey. So, if you are an intended parent planning your parenthood aspirations in Cyprus, we will help you with all the required legal information and updates. All you have to do is connect with our experts today for a free consultation.

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