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Is surrogacy legal in Albania?

Surrogacy is legal in Albania. However, intended parents
need to know that there is no law to allow or prohibit surrogacy.

Is surrogacy legal in Albania?

Currently, there are no surrogacy laws in Albania so one can pursue surrogacy regardless of their sexual orientation in the country. Besides, the parents need to file a legal request to the court in order to take legal custody of the child.

Regardless of the absence of surrogacy laws, one must associate with the best surrogacy agency in Albania like Surrogacy Consultancy. This way, they can ease down every obstacle and barrier on their way to parenthood.

One of the main advantages this country offers to any parent looking to raise a child is the fact that its costs are far cheaper than those in the United States. Additionally, a lot of couples choose this place because it is close to other European nations.

surrogacy laws in albania

Surrogacy laws in Albania: key considerations!

  • Intended parents must know that although there is no regulation related to surrogacy in Albania, one has to follow a due course of law to realize their parenthood dreams. For the intended parents to register their child as a civil record after birth, a birth certificate issued by the clinic is necessary. Because surrogacy is unregulated in Albania, the birth certificate must name both the biological father and the surrogate mother in order for it to be certified in the civil registry.
  • At the same time, we will finally obtain the waiver of the surrogate mother Albania, which we might later need in our country of origin if we want our significant other to adopt the child.
  • Gestational or complete surrogacy, which is the practice in which the surrogate mother does not contribute genetic material, is used in Albania, as is the case in the majority of other countries that use surrogacy.
  • Either the parents voluntarily provide the genetic material, or a donor at an Albanian surrogacy facility provides the genetic material. The donor used can only be an egg donor as there is no judicial sentence in this country and paternity is determined by filiation. The father must additionally prove that he is the child’s biological relative. The donor may be chosen or remain unidentified.
  • To assure their safety, the donors are normally healthy females between the ages of 18 and 26 who have completed stringent medical testing.
  • Instead of a sentence, you get a birth certificate from The Hague with the apostille. The child will be brought in the father’s name, therefore the other spouse will have to adopt the child once she reaches her nation.

While going through these legal ramifications may come hectic, getting associated with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Albania isn’t. So, you can always count on the experience of the professionals at surrogacy consultancy to take care of your specific surrogacy needs.

Why surrogacy in Albania is recommended?

There are lots of benefits to pursuing surrogacy in Albania and flexible surrogacy legislation is on the list. Besides, you can really save big on the cost of surrogacy in Albania which comes way lower than in other developed countries.

Some programs provide a range of insurances, including health insurance for the surrogate mother, insurance in the event that the surrogate mother or donor passes away, insurance in the event that the program is restarted following the death of the child, etc., so that you can fulfil your desire to become a parent no matter what.

You can participate in an Albanian surrogacy program whether or not you are a foreigner provided you have the financial means to cover the costs and the physical capacity to carry the child. Whether the surrogate is Albanian or not is irrelevant. It only counts if you are physically capable of carrying the pregnancy to term.

No matter where you are from, you will still require a visa in order to visit there and complete this process. If you are unsure of the nation that granted your passport, you can get in touch with the Albanian embassy or consulate in your native country.

How we can help?

At Surrogacy Consultancy, we are a team of surrogacy professionals that carry years of expertise and experience in the ART world at our back. With us, you can always stay assured of getting the best of surrogacy in Albania.

To make it more easier and convenient for you, we have even collaborated with the top IVF clinics and egg donor agencies in Albania. So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with our coordinators today!

is surrogacy legal in albania

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