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About us

Surrogacy Consultancy is a renowned European organization solely working with the core motive of helping individuals and couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, seeking professional guidance on their journey to parenthood. Our consulting services enable every individual or couple to cherish their long-awaited dream of starting a family via surrogacy

Stefan Banas, the founder of Surrogacy Consultancy, is a clinical professional who is backed with some big expertise in the ART world. He has extensive experience as a senior consultant for IVF laboratories in many countries around the world.

The ART field has seen a lot of advancements with new technologies and techniques, with quality being the most important factor. The bar for possibilities has been set very high, and we are here to assist you in reaching it. We can offer you the best surrogacy consultancy and make your dream a reality thanks to our extensive network of partners across almost every country around the world.

Our mission

Surrogacy Consultancy has been working in the IVF field since 2003, and its unique perspective as a clinical insider allows you to get the most out of your journey.

We have had the opportunity to connect with other IVF professionals, clinics, agencies, and most importantly, patients while working on the clinical site in various countries around the world. Our network has been expanding for several years, allowing us to be very adaptable and versatile. We are not affiliated with any clinic, agency, or other service provider. We are a completely independent consulting firm that provides a solid foundation for your needs.

Our core mission while creating this exceptional platform was to help and support thousands of struggling couples around the world. With us, you can stay guaranteed of getting the best advice and guidance around your surrogacy journey across any given country or city.

What we offer?

We always work by the belief – “Everyone could use a helping hand now and then.” And with no one around, the struggle intensifies.”

In this line of work, empathy is a must. And, unlike many other places, you will not be treated as a number. In IVF and surrogacy, an individual and personal approach is critical, and we will not overlook this.

An IVF professional removing a burden from your shoulders will provide you with much more relief. And you can begin right now while dealing with our IVF and surrogacy consultants.

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing the right country for surrogacy, just as there are to everything else in life. For example, if you are not a married heterosexual couple, you may not be able to pursue surrogacy in Ukraine. This is due to the surrogacy laws in Ukraine that only allow surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Ukraine.

On the other side, surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia is not permitted. There have been countries around that partially or completely allow surrogacy within their legal territories. On the other hand, there are countries that have fully banned any such arrangement in their regions.

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    For example, Surrogacy in Italy is deemed illegal and you may have to opt for surrogacy in UK or surrogacy in Georgia for the same reason. Besides, you proceed with the same aspirations; you have to get along with a surrogacy clinic in Georgia or surrogacy clinic in UK.

    Keeping a tab and track of all these legal and social aspects is quite hard; this is where our surrogacy consultation services come in handy.

    Many countries have rules stating that a couple must be married or have at least one heterosexual partner, or that there are anti-LGBT laws in place or that surrogacy is only available to citizens of that country (Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Russia, and India). If you believe you are on the verge of breaking the law in your area, it’s always mindful to deal with an expert like surrogacy Consultancy.

    Surrogacy is illegal in some countries like Italy. So regardless of whether you go ahead with a surrogacy clinic in Italy or else, your act of pursuing surrogacy in Italy would still be considered illegal.

    The same goes for Egg donation and sperm donation services. It is also not allowed everywhere or the egg donor must be anonymous. Luckily, at Surrogacy consultancy, you can make use of our exceptional network of egg donor agencies and sperm donor agencies located across various parts of the globe.

    Connect with one of our client coordinators today to get more information and details on how we can give wings to your surrogacy aspirations in your preferred destination!

    Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBT

    Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBT

    Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBT

    Surrogacy consulting, gay surrogacy and IVF for LGBT

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