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Dr. Stefan Banas

Dr. Stefan Banas

Dr. Stefan Banas

Dr. Stefan Banas is the owner, founder, and chief senior consultant of Surrogacy Consultancy, one of the most sought-after Surrogacy consultants around the world. As a clinical IVF specialist, Dr. Banas has gained extensive experience in many countries worldwide while further helping numerous couples and individuals in realizing their parenthood dreams.

Dr. Banas holds a Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology and has been in clinical IVF since 2003. As a renowned expert in the field, he very well understands the benefits, struggles, and risks of an IVF journey. By bringing clinical quality into the Surrogacy process, he has ensured the best care, support, and assistance to each of his clients across the globe.

While working and consulting on clinical sites in various countries across the globe, he has had the opportunity to connect with other IVF professionals, clinics, agencies, and most importantly – patients. His network has grown over the years and further made Surrogacy Consultancy one of the best surrogacy consultants around the world.

Dr. Banas has been in the ART field for years and frequently indulged in various research and development programs in the same domain. While getting through his research in the same field, he got to know that Infertility appears as the most understated health issue among humans across the globe.

This is where after seeing thousands of struggling couples, Dr. Banas has decided to come out with this exceptional platform that allows our clients to be connected with any partner in our network. So, if you are an intended parent, you can take benefit from a list of services offered by our partners that includes, the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs, high-quality egg, sperm, and embryo donation services, and top-notch IVF consulting with the help and support of best in class IVF experts around the world.

Dr. Banas ensured the best medical care and assistance to every person via Surrogacy Consultancy

Via Surrogacy Consultancy, Dr. Banas has always ensured that every couple or individual, regardless of their sexual orientation, is offered the most ethical and affordable surrogacy and IVF treatment options anywhere around the world.

Dr. Banas is further committed to assisting singles and couples who are looking for expert guidance on their path to parenthood. He understands that thousands of couples and individuals out there are yet to achieve parenthood given the lack of proper knowledge and information regarding specialized surrogacy and IVF treatment services.

This is where Dr. Banas and his team have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and agencies to help and support each of these needy couples and individuals. No matter what community you belong to, no matter what country, caste, and creed you come from, Dr. Banas and his team are always there to help you with the best surrogacy and IVF consulting.

So far, thousands of couples and individuals from the LGBT community, heterosexual couples, married and unmarried couples, and single people desiring to have children have benefitted from our ethical and affordable surrogacy services.

Stefan Banas, the founder of Surrogacy consultancy, is a clinical professional who is not only aware of the advantages but also frequently appearing struggles with IVF. He has extensive experience working in numerous countries around the world as a senior consultant for IVF laboratories.

He understands that new technologies and techniques have greatly improved the IVF field, where quality comes of utmost importance. This is where he has set the bar quite high for all the services provided at Surrogacy Consultancy, and we are here to assist in reaching it. We are able to provide you with the best solution and realize your dream thanks to our extensive network of partners.

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    Countries where Dr. Banas has offered specialized clinical consulting

    Over the years, Dr. Banas has offered specialized IVF and surrogacy consulting to thousands of couples and individuals from countries like Ireland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Nigeria, Iraq, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

    Dr. Banas is highly valued for his worldwide connections and extremely renowned for his international experience and skills. He collaborates on scientific published papers and holds presentations on academic and private grounds. As of now, he comes over as the best and most qualified IVF and Surrogacy specialist across the globe that is here to assist every struggling person in realizing their parenthood dreams.

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