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Surrogacy cost for couples in Ukraine

Surrogacy cost in Ukraine: An affordable option in Europe

surrogacy cost in ukraine

Ukraine comes as one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations in Europe. Given the low-cost surrogacy options, aided by state of the art medical infrastructure of the country, it attracts thousands of medical tourists to its territory every year.

If you are an intended parent, you must know that the Surrogacy cost in Ukraine is substantially lower than in most other major European nations. Well, for the majority of intended parents from the US and UK, this comes as the biggest reason to regard surrogacy in Ukraine as their top priority.

On the other side, to get a better understanding of surrogacy costs in Ukraine, you must also consider every related aspect and element.

In Ukraine, surrogacy became authorized in 1997 and no specific laws in Ukraine address the legality of the process. The law in Ukraine considers surrogacy to be a legal arrangement, but only for married heterosexual couples. Additionally, it is possible to find affordable surrogacy programs if you work along with our experts at Surrogacy Consultancy.

Understanding the Surrogacy Legislation in Ukraine

Surrogacy is administered by Ukrainian family law and further states that only married heterosexual couples are permitted to pursue surrogacy within the country. Moreover, egg and sperm donation is also acceptable given the furnishing of the required documents. The identity of the sperm or egg donor may be hidden from the intending parents if they do not want to meet the donor.

Additionally, upon the child’s birth, the intended parents will be acknowledged as the child’s legal parents. The birth certificate will be issued in the names of the intended parents within 24 hours after the delivery. The surrogate will not be recognized as the child’s biological mother and will not be given any parental responsibility over the child.

Other elements that need to be taken into account are:

  • The birth certificate must be issued within 24 hours of the child’s birth.
  • The name of the intended parent appears on the child’s birth certificate.
  • The intended parents may be listed as the child’s legal parents without the surrogate’s consent.

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    What is the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine?

    Ukraine comes as one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations in Europe. Given the low-cost surrogacy options, aided by state of the art medical infrastructure of the country, it attracts thousands of medical tourists to its territory every year.

    That said, the surrogacy cost would more or less depend on the type of program or plan you have opted for. So, the surrogacy treatment cost in Ukraine would further be impacted by the number of IVF cycles conducted by egg or sperm donors used, the cost of surrogate mothers, and so on.

    The surrogate mother in Ukraine will sign a contract with the intending parents. The following would be included in the contract:

    • Compensation for the surrogate
    • The legal process for obtaining parental rights
    • Communication between the parties during pregnancy

    The rights and interests of the individuals concerned must be taken into consideration when drafting the agreement. The medical procedure may begin after you have accepted the agreement and both parties have signed it. The intended parents’ choice of surrogacy program will further determine the cost of the surrogacy treatment process in Ukraine.

    For instance, gestational surrogacy entails the transfer of the intended parents’ embryo to the surrogate, whereas traditional surrogacy uses IUI. IVF is therefore required to accomplish this. After IUI or embryo transfer, the surrogacy clinic in Ukraine will check on the pregnancy. Moreover, Intended parents must take the required legal safeguards to protect their parental rights throughout the second trimester of pregnancy.

    cost of surrogacy in ukraine

    Why is the surrogacy cost for couples in Ukraine lower than in other countries?

    surrogacy cost for couples in ukraine

    Given the following factors and factors, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is fairly low:

    • The accessibility of inexpensive surrogate mothers
    • IVF costs are cheaper
    • The cost of prenatal care and labour is modest.
    • Commercial surrogacy is now allowed in Ukraine, therefore there is no longer a need for parentage tests or court rulings, among other things that cost money.
    • Even surrogacy with a family member is around 50% less expensive here than it is elsewhere.
    • Since there is no waiting list for egg donors or surrogates, there is no additional fee

    Because surrogacy cost varies as per the opted surrogacy program, estimating the entire cost is extremely difficult. The circumstances and choice of the intended parents will also affect the final cost of surrogacy.

    Considering an estimate, the cost might range from $45,000 to $60,000. The same cost will vary based on a variety of conditions and factors. For instance, if sperm or eggs are donated, a different treatment will be carried out, adding to the existing surrogacy cost in Ukraine.

    Similar to this, if the first IVF round is unsuccessful; Intended parents will be responsible for paying for each additional cycle. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine would be roughly $4,500 if you used a surrogacy agency service in addition. Besides, additional costs should be considered, such as those for the surrogate’s prenatal care, legal fees, meal allowances, and other procedure-related expenses.

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