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For the Heterosexual Couples Considering Surrogacy

Surrogacy for Straight Couples

For most heterosexual couples who are unable to produce children naturally, becoming parents through surrogacy is the last resort. Despite the fact that artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are typically the first steps, some couples with major fertility issues regard surrogacy as their only option. We build families with gestational surrogacy for Heterosexual couples. 

We will discuss the actions that these couples must take in order to realize their dream of becoming parents in this piece. For heterosexual couples, there are excellent donor programs in the USA, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Australia, and Ukraine.

Getting started

There are multiple options for surrogacy for straight couples in different countries. In a surrogacy process, intended parents are a couple who want to conceive a child. Surrogates, on the other side, are women who carry the pregnancy to term and so give birth to the baby. The phrase “surrogate mother” is erroneous because the woman who carries the pregnancy will not be acknowledged as a mother.

Becoming prospective parents

To reach a successful solution, both parties must be willing to work together. Those who aspire to become parents and commence with the surrogacy arrangement are referred to as prospective parents. It could not be carried out, however, without the participation of the lady who will give birth to their child. The following are some instances of scenarios that push the couples to opt for surrogacy:

  • Absent or damaged uterus
  • Diseases that could put the foetus or the mother’s health at jeopardy during pregnancy
  • Alteration or abnormality of the uterus
  • Failed IVF or recurrent miscarriages due to several health complications

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    How to proceed with surrogacy for heterosexual couples?

    There are several steps to the surrogacy process for heterosexual couples:

    • Choosing the location where the surrogacy will take place, as is not permitted in all nations.
    • Recruiting the required experts: surrogacy agencies in the destination country, qualified lawyers, assisted reproduction specialists
    • Searching and finalizing a surrogate mother
    • Signing contracts and agreements in order to begin treatment lawfully
    • Initiating the IVF process
    • Obtaining the papers required for legal paternity
    surrogacy for heterosexual couples

    All of these processes are necessary and fundamental. However, there is one decision that is particularly difficult and crucial for future parents: choosing the woman who will carry their child.

    Surrogacy is a lengthy and time-consuming interaction. As a result, it’s critical that you rely on experienced specialists. Here at Surrogacy consultancy, we make you connect with some of the best surrogacy agencies and other professionals that can take care of your needs from start to end.

    Furthermore, our experts will assess your situation in detail in order to identify clinics that best fulfil your needs and meet our stringent selection standards. We have supported many hundreds of couples seeking surrogacy for Heterosexuals in many countries globally, we provide legally protected surrogacy programs in Russia, Georgia, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Israel, Albania, Canada, Australia, and Colombia.

    surrogacy for straight couples

    Surrogate mother selection

    Many would-be parents prefer the peace of mind and security that comes with picking an experienced surrogate mother, someone who has gone through the process previously. Others, on the other hand, have no objections to using a “novice” lady as a surrogate.

    In any event, these are usually mothers who have already given birth to at least one child and are familiar with pregnancy and labour.

    The process for selecting a surrogate varies depending on where the surrogacy will take place. For example, in regards to surrogacy in USA, the country with the best medical system, you can pay the surrogate mother for her role in your surrogacy journey.

    This means that the intending parents select a lady from among the applicants to be pregnant, and she must agree to bear their kid.

    Mutual agreement

    The intended parents and surrogate’s relationship will be determined by their respective preferences. While most countries provide a list of candidates to choose from, not all of them allow for a face-to-face interview.

    Other locations include future parents who are unfamiliar with the pregnant woman, and the surrogacy agency is in charge of making the pick based on the situation and characteristics of the future parents.

    Once done, both parties will sign a contract to establish their roles and responsibilities during the surrogacy arrangement.

    Initiating the IVF process

    Once both parties have agreed to the terms mentioned in the surrogacy agreement, the IVF process will kickstart. This would include the syncing of the menstruation cycle of the intended mother and the surrogate mother ( in case an egg donor isn’t included ). It would then lead to the egg retrieval and sperm retrieval process.

    Afterwards, the embryo is formed from a fertilized egg in the laboratory. Eventually, the same embryo would be implanted in the uterus of the surrogate mother. She would then go across a pregnancy test after a certain period of time.

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples

    Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother would carry the child for the intended parents. Once the child is delivered, the intended parents may need to file for its parental custody (depending on the surrogacy laws of the respective country).

    For example, the surrogacy laws in Canada would permit surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Canada. Yet, they have to be married and must showcase a valid reason (along with documental proof) to pursue surrogacy.

    On the other side, surrogacy for heterosexual couples in the USA is permitted without any such obligations. These distinctions demand the presence of a reputed surrogacy treatment clinic in Ukraine or a surrogacy agency in Ukraine.

    At Surrogacy consultancy, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and egg and sperm donor agencies to let you get along with your surrogacy aspirations without any hassles. So, regardless of whether it is about surrogacy for heterosexual couples, singles or surrogacy for LGBT couples, we got your back!

    surrogacy for heterosexual couples in spain

    surrogacy for heterosexual couples in ukraine

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