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Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia is permitted; however, it is subjected to certain rules and regulations. All potential parents who are trying to realize their parenthood dreams via surrogacy in Georgia must know that surrogacy is only permissible for heterosexual couples in the country.

While surrogacy in Georgia was only available for married heterosexual couples up until recently, it is due to a recent change in the surrogacy laws in Georgia that even couples who are living together can choose the same arrangement.

Still, to get the best out of your surrogacy journey in the country, it is highly advisable to connect with a reputed surrogacy agency in Georgia like Surrogacy Consultancy. Given our years of experience and expertise in the same domain, we can guarantee of keeping your surrogacy journey in the country smooth and convenient.

Analyzing surrogacy laws in Georgia

As mentioned earlier, surrogacy in Georgia is permissible for only heterosexual couples in the country. So, if you are searching for surrogacy for LGBTQ couples in Georgia or surrogacy for single parents in Georgia, you may have to look towards other destinations like Cyprus and Albania.

Since the 1990s, when the Georgian government legalized surrogacy and egg donations for heterosexual couples, it has been a prominent surrogacy center for heterosexual couples due to its well-regulated surrogacy framework.

Since 1997, egg, sperm, and surrogate donation have been permitted in Georgia. Besides, a child born in Georgia to a donor or surrogate mother has no legal claim to the mother’s inheritance and will be registered as the intended parents’ child.

Additionally, if a surrogate mother’s uterus is used to implant an embryo from a donor egg or sperm, the intended parents will still be regarded as the legal parents of the child. The birth certificate will be issued within one day after the child’s birth. That said, the intended parents will be named as the child’s legal guardians on the birth certificate. On the other side, the surrogate mother’s consent is not required for this registration

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    Surrogacy in GeorgiaAdditionally, the following documents must be submitted in order to register the intended parents:

    • Surrogacy contract.
    • A certificate from the IVF facility stating that the embryo was transferred to the surrogate mother.
    • The official record of a woman’s birth is kept by a medical facility.

    Moreover, as per Article 143 of the Georgian family law, IVF is only approved in the following circumstances:

    • With the written approval of both couples, to cure infertility or prevent genetic illness from being passed down to future generations from one partner by utilizing sperm or an embryo from the couple or a donor.
    • In the case that a woman is unable to bear her own child, the embryo acquired will be implanted and fertilized in another woman (the “surrogate mother”).

    Furthermore, the couple’s written permission is essential. When a kid is born, the couple takes on the parental obligations and authority that come with it. Also, the biological parents of a kid are the only ones who can claim parental rights as long as the child is born.

    On the other hand, the Article 144 of the Georgia Family Law says that :

    • A frozen embryo, as well as female and male sex cells, can be utilized for artificial fertilization.
    • Furthermore, while deciding the best moment to begin egg preservation, the couple’s desires are taken into account.
    • The intended parents will be the legal parents of the kid from the moment he or she is born. They must be physically present in the nation at all times in order to have a successful birth and subsequent immigration procedure.

    How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia?

    The cost of surrogacy in Georgia is determined by a number of factors, including the cost of a surrogate mother in Georgia, the cost of medications and treatments, the cost of logistics and lodging, the cost of an egg donor/sperm donor, the cost of IVF therapy, and so on.

    Regardless, our professionals will brief you about the entire cost structure during the initial consultation process.

    How does Surrogacy in Georgia work?

    It all starts with the intended parent connecting with one of our client coordinators. Additionally, the surrogacy agency in Georgia is in charge of arranging surrogacy in the state. Besides, if a surrogate and/or egg donor is needed, these surrogacy agencies in Georgia can help the intended parents locate them.

    They may also arrange for IVF treatment, prenatal and postnatal medical care, as well as legal and administrative services for the intended parents. Because of the participation of a surrogacy agency in Georgia, surrogacy in Georgia is mostly a queuing system rather than a person-to-person relationship.

    If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in Georgia, consider if you will be okay with a transactional approach to surrogacy. Your surrogate and your kid may have less opportunity to form a bond in the long term due to the way the procedure works and cultural and language disparities.

    In Georgia surrogacy, you need also make sure that the surrogacy agency in Georgia you’re working with is experienced and will safeguard you, your kid, and your surrogate’s interests. Your surrogate should not be at risk of any harassment or exploitation. She should also be provided enough assistance and be well educated about the surrogacy treatment procedure in Georgia.

    Even while it is entirely your decision, having direct contact with your surrogate mother would prove helpful in keeping the arrangement smooth and easy.

    Why it’s crucial to pick the best surrogacy agency in Georgia?

    Picking the right and most reputed surrogacy agency in Georgia can provide you peace of mind during the procedure while ensuring complete protection of your rights and expectations. Besides, they will support you during every stage and step involved in the surrogacy process.

    At Surrogacy Consultancy, we’ll walk you through the finest surrogacy options and programs available. Furthermore, you may rest certain of receiving personalized attention and support at every stage of your surrogacy journey in Georgia.

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