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Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia

Surrogacy may come as a stressful and lengthy procedure for most of the intended parents around the world. If you’re considering surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia, a lack of basic education and understanding might lead to legal ramifications and complications.

In such cases, connecting with a reputable surrogacy facility in Georgia, such as Surrogacy Consultancy, may still make it easier for you. Surrogacy in Georgia is similar in many respects for LGBT couples as it is for everyone else. Before proceeding with the surrogacy procedure, a number of personal and legal considerations must be considered.

Here, we’ll take a detailed overview of surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia, including the legislation, cost and other related aspects.

Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia

Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia: The Legal complications!

As of now, surrogacy in Georgia is only permitted for straight and married heterosexual couples. So, if you are a person seeking surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia, you may have to look forward to other destinations like Cyprus.

Why surrogacy in Cyprus is the best alternative to surrogacy for LGBT couples in Georgia?

Surrogacy is currently unregulated in Cyprus. Hence by using a surrogate mother in Cyprus and an egg/sperm donor, every gay couple can realise their parenthood dreams. Furthermore, for lesbian couples who are unable to have children of their own, surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus is always a perfect alternative.

IVF and associated treatment techniques would be used while getting along with the embryo transfer process at our partner IVF clinics in Cyprus.

Each partner’s genetic material can be used in a heterosexual surrogacy agreement. Same-sex couples, on the other hand, must select who will give the genetic material for embryo development. Depending on your circumstances; you must choose a sperm or egg donor.

In the event of same-sex surrogacy (male), the surrogate mother can utilize her eggs for conception, or the intended dad can bring in an egg donor for the same purpose.

A close friend or family member of the prospective parents might be the egg donor. A sperm donor, on the other hand, will serve the same role in the case of a female couple seeking surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus. This is where the expertise and experience of surrogacy consultancy would come to your support.

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    Surrogacy contract

    Surrogacy is unregulated in Cyprus; hence any kind of surrogacy contract in the country isn’t enforceable by law. However, in order to get custody of the born kid, one needs to file for a parental order.

    The contract, however, holds some value in the eyes of the court, and if both parties signed it in good faith and with the guidance of an attorney, the courts will respect its provisions.

    Still, it all depends on how and on what terms that same contract has been agreed upon by the respective parties. However, by staying in touch with our professionals at surrogacy consultancy, you can guarantee that the entire surrogacy treatment procedure in Cyprus goes through in a convenient manner.

    Working with a family law attorney is especially vital in Cyprus since there are no surrogacy regulations for LGBT couples. If you engage with an expert lawyer to manage the legal implications during the surrogacy procedure, your rights as a same-sex couple will be safeguarded.

    At Surrogacy consultancy, we have the best team of legal professionals to help you during any such case scenario.

    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus: key pointers!

    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus is permitted since there are no restrictions as per the law on it. However, the intended parents need to keep a few things in consideration during the process. Surrogacy can be utilized to establish a family in situations when it would otherwise be difficult. You or your spouse may have a biological tie to your kid as a result of this.

    Surrogacy may be more expensive for LGBT couples in Cyprus. Parents who are exploring surrogacy have different financial resources than parents who are considering adoption.

    Inquire about a surrogacy professional’s experience dealing with LGBT couples during your first interaction. Before, during, and after the surgery, find out if the institution provides special support for LGBTQ families.

    For gay and lesbian couples in Cyprus who wish to establish a family, surrogacy is undoubtedly the best possible option. This is where partnering with a reliable surrogacy agency like surrogacy consultancy always comes of big helps in the same regard.

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    At Surrogacy consultancy, we have helped thousands of LGBT couples in realising their parenthood dreams in the most ethical way. Our expert professionals carry years of experience in the ART domain and this is where we take pride in being known as the best surrogacy agency in Cyprus.

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