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Surrogacy program in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most desired location for intended parents
to start their journey toward parenthood.

We are a leading Surrogacy consultant in Mexico and have exclusive partnerships with the best fertility and surrogacy clinics in Mexico, which are staffed by the most qualified experts.

There are no laws and regulations in place currently regarding Surrogacy in Mexico. Hence we can say that surrogacy stands unregulated in this part of the planet. Given the absence of a legal framework in the same regard, one can easily pursue surrogacy for gay couples in Mexico or surrogacy for singles in Mexico.

Still, as you proceed with your aspirations related to surrogacy, it is highly crucial to get along with a trusted surrogacy agency in Mexico like Surrogacy Consultancy. We will not only help you get the most ethical and affordable plan regarding surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Mexico or surrogacy for gay couples in Mexico but will also stay by your side during every step of your surrogacy journey in the country.

In this article:

  • Is surrogacy legal in Mexico?
  • Who is eligible for surrogacy?
  • Find a surrogate in Mexico
  • Legal complications related to surrogacy
  • Understanding the new ruling
  • Surrogacy Costs in Mexico


Surrogacy in Mexico is unregulated!

Intended parents must know that most of the Mexican states apart from Tabasco and Sinaloa put certain prohibitions on surrogacy. States like Coahuila, San Juan, and Querétaro put a full ban. In light of the latest ruling, all Mexican states can now regulate as they see appropriate, including allowing commercial surrogacy for any Intended Parent, be it local or international. As a result, we can say that surrogacy will now be regulated by the government.

At the moment, there are no prohibitions on international couples using surrogate mothers in Mexico. Still, it all depends on the state where you are pursuing a surrogacy arrangement to realize your parenthood aspirations.

In Mexico, who is eligible for surrogacy?

Surrogacy for gay couples in Mexico has gained prominence over the past few years. Given the unregulated nature of surrogacy laws in Mexico, all family models will be allowed to participate in the surrogacy program:

  • Couples who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual
  • Married Heterosexual couples
  • Unmarried men and women,
  • Single male parent with donor eggs
  • Single women parent with donor sperm

If you pursue surrogacy overseas, your baby will need to acquire citizenship and a passport to travel home. The process is straightforward but does require some advanced preparation.

At surrogacy consultancy, our reproductive law team, and fertility specialists team collaborate with intended couples and parents, understanding the complexities of Mexican surrogacy regulations and leading you through the legal process of realizing your parenthood dreams.

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    Find a surrogate in Mexico

    Surrogacy Consultancy has the amazing surrogate mother in Mexico available for an immediate match. Only gestational surrogacy in Mexico is permitted, which means the surrogate cannot use her own eggs.

    The wait time for a surrogate mother in Mexico is depending on the agency you choose and that is why match times vary. Some of the reputated surrogacy agencies in Mexico have an abundance of properly screened surrogates available right away. Some agencies have four-month waiting periods before being matched. You can decide to pick a donor and create or transfer your embryos in the meantime.

    Mexican surrogate mothers are regularly examined for physical and mental health issues after the embryo is implanted to make sure both they and the child are safe and comfortable. These consist of physical examinations, ultrasound scans, and blood tests.

    Are LGBT Families Supported in Mexico?

    The National Supreme Court of Justice acknowledged the whole surrogacy journey to be operated based on the legal assurances offered in 2021, which provide that a surrogacy program is legitimate if it is carried out in accordance with the following laws:

    • Medical certifications and a note from their doctor regarding their incapacity to have a child naturally are necessary for couples between the ages of 25 and 40.
    • The notary registers the contract between all parties involved.
    • Surrogacy experts should operate purely without any issues, and surrogate mothers should be compensated for their efforts.
    • Cancun should be the location of the pregnancy confirmation and the child’s delivery.
    • The intended parents’ names are written on the birth certificate of the kid.
    • The child has the right to Mexican citizenship as well as a passport.

    This legislation states that professionals, citizens, and workers have a significant duty to attend and provide full assistance to the surrogate mother, gamete donors, and intended parents. It ensures their legal safety and security. This legislation was created to help any family that desires to hold their ideal child in their arms.

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    Understanding the new ruling by the Court regarding the surrogate mother in Mexico

    A recent court decree by the supreme court of Mexico prevents “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico by requiring a judicial decision prior to the surrogate getting pregnant. The order further states that the birth certificate shall include the names of the Intended Parents.

    Besides, a court order is necessary before every embryo transfer at a surrogacy agency in Mexico to ensure that the baby’s safe return home is not jeopardized. Additionally, a court order is necessary to guarantee that the Intended Parents’ names appear on the birth certificate and that the surrogate mother in Mexico has no parental rights or potential claims on the born child.

    To put it another way, the court judgment replaces legislation with surrogacy contract requirements.

    What is a hybrid surrogacy program and how it can help?

    As intended parent kick start their journey regarding surrogacy in Mexico, they must stay wary of the complicated legal guidelines in the same regard. Besides, the parents have the option to pursue a hybrid surrogacy program with the help and support of our partner surrogacy agency in Mexico.

    In the United States, infertility treatments and other related procedures are held to the highest international standards. Unlike Mexico, the United States has a number of states where surrogacy contracts can be legally enforced. Besides, future Parents can be included on surrogacy agreements’ birth certificates as legal parents.

    While surrogacy is administered on the state to state basis in the USA, intended parents can get along with their surrogacy journey while connecting with the best surrogacy clinic in Mexico. Apart from that, in several parts of the United States, commercial surrogacy is also authorized. Surrogate that children born in the United States are eligible for US citizenship and passports upon birth.

    Under the revised standards, all medical procedures, including egg donation, endometrial stimulation, and ICSI/IVF, are now conducted by Mexico surrogacy agencies. After the surrogate gets through the required screening and physical and mental health checkups, she would be deemed fit for the embryo transfer process at our partner IVF clinics. Surrogacy consultancy in Mexico will help you through out your journey.

    What is the cost of surrogacy in Mexico?

    The cost of surrogacy in Mexico is much lower than that in the USA or any neighbouring country. This could be the reason why most of the intended parents pursue surrogacy in Mexico.

    Furthermore, when it comes to surrogacy costs in Mexico, you may expect to pay anywhere from $55,000 to $70,000.The same cost would go higher in the case of surrogacy for gay couples in Mexico or surrogacy for single parents in Mexico given the inclusion of the cost of an egg donor or sperm donor in Mexico. The same cost would range between $8000 and $10000. So, before considering surrogacy, intended parents must consider all these aspects and elements.

    Being the best surrogacy consultant in Mexico, we take pride in offering the best and most affordable surrogacy services to the intended parents. With our team of the best surrogacy specialists and professionals at your side, you can rest confident in getting all the necessary support and guidance. Request a free consultation with one of our client coordinators now!

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