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Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece

Surrogacy programs are only open to heterosexual couples (married or not) and single females in Greece. Same-sex and single males, on the other hand, are not permitted to pursue a surrogacy arrangement within the legal territories of the country.

So, if you are a same-sex couple looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece, you may need to look forward to alternative destinations like surrogacy in Cyprus.

Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece

Why surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus is a feasible option?

In recent years, Cyprus has been one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the European Union. This is due to the inexpensive cost of medical operations, the excellent quality of services given by doctors, and the availability of world-class contemporary medical facilities.

Your surrogacy journey in Cyprus will be wonderful given the exquisite geographical location, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and contemporary economy.

It’s worth noting that assisted reproduction in Cyprus is governed by legislation, which means that people who are having difficulty conceiving are given a totally legal option for becoming parents.

Regardless of the nation, the IP chooses to carry out the surrogacy procedure, the first goal will always be to give sufficient professional aid and emotional support to IPs in order to achieve a happy surrogacy experience.

This is where we, at Surrogacy Consultancy, always aim to offer all the required support and assistance to every couple and individual looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece.

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    Searching for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus

    It is usually recommended that intending parents select a reputable surrogacy agency in Cyprus to go by their search for surrogates for LGBT couples in Cyprus. The organization will walk you through the whole surrogacy process, from finding a suitable surrogate mother to the legal aspects that will guarantee you a smooth handover of the kid at the end of the surrogacy arrangement.

    If the surrogate mother and intended father give birth in Cyprus, the surrogate mother and intended father’s names are included on the birth certificate. If required, genetic testing can be used to confirm the father of the child in order to avoid any issues.

    On the other side, the procedure would stay more or less the same in the case of Gay surrogacy. As previously stated, there are no regulations in Cyprus prohibiting various types of surrogacy options, including same-sex surrogacy.

    The surrogacy method is the same whether you are a straight or homosexual couple trying to start a family. You select the perfect surrogacy agency in Cyprus to assist you in finding a suitable surrogate mother in Cyprus to help you realize your goal of becoming a parent.

    As a result, there is no discrimination in Cyprus based on gender or marital status; everyone is treated equally. However, we always encourage working with an agency that can help you put things into perspective, especially because going through the entire process may come difficult for intended parents.

    How can we help?

    Regardless of whether you are considering having a kid via surrogacy for LGBT couples in Greece or a homosexual surrogacy program in Cyprus, we are there to assist you during every stage of your surrogacy journey.

    Perhaps you’d want to learn more about better and more favorable options in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, or else. Find the best program for you and learn more while connecting with one of our client coordinators.

    Surrogate for LGBT couples

    Surrogate for couples in Greece

    Surrogate for LGBT

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