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Surrogacy in Albania

Surrogacy in Albania is progressively gaining popularity among couples and people seeking ethical and affordable surrogacy options. While there is no regulations and laws related to surrogacy in Albania, one can easily go ahead with their surrogacy aspirations while connecting with a reputed surrogacy agency in Albania like Surrogacy consultancy.

Furthermore, as you set the first step forward in the same regard, we recommend you to have a thorough understanding of each component, element, and feature of the surrogacy procedure in Albania.

Surrogacy Laws in Albania

As previously stated, surrogacy stands as unregulated in Albania given the absence of a surrogacy regulation in the country. As a result, anybody and everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can pursue surrogacy in the country.

Surrogacy in Albania is considerably less expensive than in other nations, such as USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, Albania has been a popular location for couples seeking surrogacy most ethical and affordable surrogacy option.

Furthermore, because of its low-cost surrogacy options and high-quality medical facilities, the country witnesses the arrival of thousands of medical tourists from across every part of the globe.

The rights of surrogate mother in Albania, on the other hand, are safeguarded under Article 261 of Albania’s Family Code. As in many other nations, getting the consent of the Adoption Committee and having a court hearing are both necessary during surrogacy process in Albania. As a result, obtaining the child’s legal paternity and travel documents following the baby’s birth may take longer.

The “surrogacy agreement” must be brought into play in Albania to guarantee that both Intended Parents and Surrogate Mother in Albania stay away from any dispute and altercation. However, it’s unclear if such a contract would be legally enforceable, or what would happen if the surrogate opted to back out of the deal. As a result of the agreement, both parties must operate in good faith and trust.

In the names of the surrogate mother and the child’s genetic father, a civil birth certificate is produced by the local surrogacy clinics in Albania. This is due to the fact that acquiring a surrogate baby’s birth certificate is not a regular procedure during surrogacy in Albania.

Birth certificates from the IVF clinic are necessary to register the kid with the civil registry once the child is born via surrogacy in Albania. The civil registry also requires the names and addresses of the future parents to be included on the birth certificate.

How surrogacy works in Albania?

Surrogacy in Albania isn’t controlled under the law. Yet, only gestational surrogacy is authorized in the country where the surrogate mother in Albania has no biological relationship to the future child. In Albania, the embryo developed from the intended parents’ sperm and eggs is subsequently put into her womb.

When a donor is utilised, the father must demonstrate parenthood by proving his genetic relationship with the kid. Filiation must be utilised to establish paternity in this nation due to a lack of effective legislation, and the father must show a genetic link to the kid. The donor in this situation can be known or anonymous.

Still, only women between the ages of 18 and 26 can be healthy egg donors, which further necessitate a thorough medical and mental examination.

After the delivery, the intended parents must be given the birth certificate issued by the surrogacy clinic in Albania in order to register the child in the civil registration. Because there are no regulations against the use of surrogacy in the nation, the birth certificate lists both the biological father and the surrogate mother in Albania.

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    What is the cost of surrogacy in Albania?

    The cost of surrogacy in Albania is heavily influenced by the sort of surrogacy consultant and agency you are dealing with. In addition, the total number of IVF cycles, IVF medication expenses, and the cost of a surrogate mother in Albania are all important factors to consider.

    Aside from that, other expenses related to logistics, transport, and hotel would add to the overall cost incurred by the intended parents during their surrogacy journey.

    Surrogacy in Albania: Key points to consider

    As there is no law regulating surrogacy in Albania, heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, and even single men and women can seek surrogacy within the legal territories of the country. Still, it’s really crucial for a person to indulge with a recognized surrogacy agency in Albania like a surrogacy consultancy. Surrogacy expenses are substantially cheaper in Albania than in other European nations such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and others.

    In this region of the world, high-quality medical services and competent medical specialists make it simple to conduct surrogacy. On the other side, a variety of health insurance policies cover surrogate moms, donors, and children.

    Still, given the unregulated surrogacy structure in the country, you must avoid falling in the wrong hands over the course of your surrogacy journey in the country. Hence, do check the reputation, expertise and experience of a surrogacy clinic in Albania before setting up a deal.

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