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Surrogacy for couples in Ukraine

Legally Secure, affordable surrogacy cost
for heterosexual couples in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is permissible for married heterosexual couples only. So, being an intended parent, you need to be aware and familiar with every regulation in the same regard.

With the help of our local team members in Kyiv, we directly and thoroughly manage our surrogacy programs related to surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Ukraine. As long as a Gestational Carrier Agreement is rightly signed, the surrogate may then request compensation during the procedure.

The agreement must be signed in front of a local public notary and the IPs must additionally sign a power of attorney allowing our Ukrainian attorneys to negotiate with the surrogacy clinic and a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

We offer a complete package, including surrogate search, screening, and management, all medical services, including prenatal care, delivery, and paediatric care, local legal services, management of travel and lodging, registered birth certificates, and passport and citizenship applications for the child based on the IPs nationality.

surrogacy for heterosexual couples

How surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Ukraine work?

In Ukraine, the actual step-by-step procedure for surrogacy is as follows:

  • IPs fill up a profile and bio, get blood tests and sperm analysis done
  • Identity proofs and a police check are provided by IPs.
  • IPs formally enters into a contract with surrogacy consultancy
  • IPs receives a medical document outlining their reasons for needing a surrogate;
  • IPs acquires ORIGINAL birth, marriage, and name-change certificates;
  • According to the invoice, IPs pay the initial instalment;
  • IPs authorize our Ukrainian attorney to execute Gestational Carrier Agreements on their behalf by signing a Power of Attorney;
  • Surrogacy consultancy in Ukraine arranges for the apostilling of marriage certificates and name change certificates;
  • if appropriate, choosing an egg/sperm donor and signing a contract;
  • IPs gives the clinic specific guidelines on embryo transfer procedures;
  • IPs ship or personally deliver their sperm or embryos to our clinic;
  • Within days of paying their initial payment, IPs is presented to potential surrogates;
  • Confirmation of the surrogate’s pregnancy, and IPs formalize the Gestational Carrier Agreement by having the surrogate sign it
  • Throughout the pregnancy, Surrogacy Consultancy handles all communication and coordination with our team in Ukraine;
  • IPs have access to blood test results, ultrasound photos, and frequent updates on medical reports;
  • The potential delivery date will be given by the doctor in the last month of pregnancy


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    Benefits of Surrogacy in Ukraine

    • Guaranteed live births

    We will carry out as many embryo transfers as required for IPs utilizing an authorized egg donor in order to utilise every available embryo from a cycle. In the program, we also include a driver, pediatrician appointments, and one change of the surrogate.

    • Birth Registration

    The birth certificate for the infant should be issued around a week after birth. On the birth certificate, the IPs will be listed as parents by the Ukrainian government.

    • Commercial surrogacy is allowed

    Since 2002, commercial surrogacy for couples in Ukraine has been entirely allowed in the country.

    • Fixed Cost program

    Our surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Ukraine is a fixed-price program, an all-inclusive surrogacy package. Our staff manages everything, including surrogate searching, screening, and preparation, all medical and hospital needs, legal and administrative procedures, birth certificates, citizenship, and passport applications, whether they are in our offices abroad or on the ground in Kyiv.

    For married couples, Surrogacy Consultancy will get the birth certificate three days after the baby is born. We will also help with the creation and submission of the child’s citizenship and passport applications.

    surrogacy for couples in ukraine

    Why choose Surrogacy Consultancy?

    Your trip to Ukraine will be less stressful with the all-inclusive plan that takes care of every aspect and element. Our program offers a set fee at a reasonable price. All medical expenses, all necessary embryo transfers from a single egg donor cycle, a new surrogate mother in Ukraine, if required, and the Child’s medical care are all included in the program at no additional cost. The only additional expense, if any, will be for your surrogate or child’s medicines and related surrogacy costs in Ukraine.

    With years of ART expertise and experience at our back, we take pride in supporting numerous couples in their quest to achieve parenthood via surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Ukraine. Right from the initial consultation till the child handover after birth, our coordinators will help you during every stage of your surrogacy process.

    Connect with one of our coordinators for a free consultation today!

    surrogacy for couples in ukraine

    surrogacy for heterosexual couples in ukraine

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in ukraine

    surrogacy in ukraine

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