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Surrogacy in Cyprus

Cyprus has considered as one of the ideal destinations
for intended parents who wished to extend their family.

Most Trusted Surrogacy Consultancy in Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the ideal destinations for intended couples, gay couples, and single parents because of the higher success rate in Cyprus over the decades. Connect with a healthy & fit Surrogate mother in Cyprus.

Surrogacy, the act of one woman carrying a pregnancy for another individual or couple, can come as a perfect way to achieve parenthood for many struggling couples or individuals.

That said, surrogacy in Cyprus stands as one of the top choices for parents across the globe. With supportive legislation and lower surrogacy costs in Cyprus, the country has further proved its significance as a preferred surrogacy destination for many.

Whereas different European countries stick with the ethics and modalities of surrogacy, Cyprus has proved to be much more lenient on the legal aspect. So, we can say that this Mediterranean island nation not only offers beautiful landscapes, but a big ray of hope to thousands of childless couples.

Still, if you are trying to pursue your parenthood aspirations in this country, always research and investigate beforehand. Besides, it is highly recommended to connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Cyprus like Surrogacy Consultancy.

surrogacy in cyprus

Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus?

Cyprus does not have overarching surrogacy-specific laws. Still, there are clear arrangements and regulations in place in the same regard. Moreover, the legislation of the country majorly emphasises the safety and security of everyone involved- the intended parents, the surrogate mother in Cyprus, and most critically, the child.

Also, exploring the legal complexities is basic and it certainly makes your parenthood journey in this nation, a bit more streamlined.

If you are an intended parent, you must know that a certain protocol is followed while ascertaining the parenthood. Before the child is born, the intended father and the surrogate mother in Cyprus will be listed as the legal parents of the child.

Besides, the intended parents may need a parental order in order to transfer the legal parenthood completely. Also, this would be necessary before they think of taking the child to their home country.

With years of experience and expertise at our back, we at Surrogacy Consultancy in Cyprus have helped many intended parents realise their parenthood dreams without any issues

Also, before giving a head start to your surrogacy aspirations in Cyprus, let’s understand a bit about the legalities of this practice in this beautiful European country.

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    Who is eligible to pursue surrogacy in Cyprus?

    Surrogacy in Cyprus is a choice that requires some careful thought and planning. Besides, if you are an intended parent, you must showcase the required medical reasons in order to confirm your eligibility for the surrogacy program. As of now, only couples and individuals who can’t conceive due to certain infertility reasons can opt for this way of parenthood. So, if you are a person dealing with uterine issues or sperm motility issues, you can always opt for surrogacy in Cyprus as a key solution to your conception issues.

    Cyprus stands firm on its position for altruistic surrogacy via a surrogacy clinic in Cyprus. In simple terms, whereas surrogates can be compensated for pregnancy-related expenses, they cannot be ‘paid’ for their role within the surrogacy process. Also, this can be a safety precaution, guaranteeing that the act remains respectable and isn’t commercialized. Also regularly, surrogates are usually from the friend and family network of the intended parents. Still, the law does not order this proximity, promoting adaptability in choosing a surrogate mother in Cyprus.

    Cyprus and its state-of-the-art medical facilities!

    One of the highlights of surrogacy in Cyprus is the immaculate medical standards in the country. That said, the nation boasts some of the best medical specialists in the surrogacy and IVF domain. Now, we all know that IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the foundation of the surrogacy procedure across any part of the globe. Besides, the embryo, developed by utilizing gametes from the intended parents or donors (in case required), is transferred to the surrogate’s womb, kick-starting the surrogacy process.

    Exploring Parental Rights in Cyprus!

    Undoubtedly, the biggest sensitive perspective of surrogacy is the transfer of parental rights. That said, in Cyprus, the surrogate is the child’s legal mother upon birth. In any case, a legal court order encourages the exchange of parental rights to the intended parents. Besides, it guarantees the child’s legal spot in their family. Moreover, this legal step is imperative and demands legal guidance.

    On the other side, the domain of surrogacy is perplexed with ethical problems in this part of the world. Still, by emphasizing compassion, Cyprus ensures that the lives of the surrogate mothers are not commercialized. At the same time, the child’s rights are always on priority, ensuring that they’re born into an environment of love and care, with clear legal parentage.

    surrogacy consultancy in cyprus

    surrogacy consultant in cyprus

    Key Challenges to Consider During Surrogacy in Cyprus

    • Surrogacy is always a journey that brings some of the biggest joys in a person’s life. Still, just like any other procedure, it too, brings certain challenges on its way through.
    • The surrogate might experience complex feelings amid and post-pregnancy. This is where counselling can be important in avoiding any issues during the parental rights transfer
    • Especially for international couples, there can be legal complexities around child immigration and citizenship in their own nation.
    • There is always a risk that the surrogate mother may change her mind during the surrogacy process. So, one must connect with a top surrogacy consultant in Cyprus
    • Owing to its dynamic environment, Cyprus has risen as a hotspot for international surrogacy. Still, there may be certain issues regarding the parental transfer procedure
    • Given the absence of strict surrogacy laws in the country, the surrogacy contract may not be enforceable by law.

    Why Choose Surrogacy Consultancy for Surrogacy in Cyprus?

    Surrogacy in Cyprus is more than just the top-notch medical services. Moreover, it’s a journey built on of trust, joy, and assurance. Also, with its mix of lenient laws and medical standards, Cyprus offers a promising way to parenthood to many. In any case, information, readiness, and professional guidance stay as the keys to a successful surrogacy journey in this famous European nation.

    So, whether you are a local citizen or an international one, understanding the details will ensure that your surrogacy journey in Cyprus stays risk-free. Being the top surrogacy consultant in Cyprus for years, we take utmost pride in helping you reach your parenthood goals. With us, you can stay assured of getting:

    End-to-end support: Right from the first interaction with our surrogacy coordinators to the delivery of your child, we will be there to help you at every phase. Besides, you can stay at peace regarding most of the key tasks like surrogate selection, matching, screening, IVF process and child delivery.

    Best network of surrogacy professionals: we have further partnered with some of the best surrogacy professionals in the country to help with random tasks related to your surrogacy journey. We will be there to help you out.

    Customised surrogacy plans: We don’t believe in a one-plan-suits-all kind of approach. Instead, we aim to bring complete satisfaction while offering customized plans according to your respective budgetary needs. So, you need not wander around in search of an egg donor, sperm donor or even a surrogate.

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