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Surrogacy for couples in Georgia

Georgia has a legal framework that recognises heterosexual couples
as the legal parents of a baby born through surrogacy, including foreigners.

Given the absence of legislation related to surrogacy for couples in Georgia, you won’t find any issues while realising your parenthood dreams in the country. Furthermore, the country stands as one of the finest alternatives for all intended parents who cannot afford surrogacy programs in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Still, if you are a couple considering surrogacy in Georgia, there are several laws and regulations that you should be aware of ahead of time. Before beginning any surrogacy program inside the legal territories of the country, every couple must review the guidelines and instructions of these states.

Is Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Georgia legal?

Georgia doesn’t have any pre-defined surrogacy regulations and every state comes up with its own unique legislation in the same respect. As a result, you should always work with the most ethical and cost-effective surrogacy provider that can assist you throughout the procedure.

At Surrogacy Consultancy, we are a team of expert surrogacy professionals who carry years of experience in the ART domain. So, you simply need not worry about anything while getting along with your aspirations related to surrogacy or surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Georgia.

surrogacy for couples in georgia

A Step-by-Step Guide

While surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Georgia is dependent on your specific surrogacy needs and circumstances, we are here to underline the standard surrogacy procedure in the country.

  • Couples can find a surrogate mother through informal means such as social media or public forums, or with the help of a surrogacy agency in Georgia.
  • Once the surrogate mother in Georgia has been chosen, she and the intended couple must undergo a series of diagnostic examinations and tests to assess their physical and mental health.
  • After the screening procedure is completed, the couple and surrogate mother must sign a legal agreement outlining all of the roles, duties, and terms and conditions associated with the surrogacy program.
  • After the legal procedure is completed, the embryo transfer will take place through IVF therapy in a medical institution. Under the advice and supervision of a skilled IVF specialist, the embryo would be implanted into the surrogate mother’s womb.
  • Once the pregnancy has been verified, the couple will need to hire a lawyer to seek parental custody of the future child. They must also provide all essential paperwork and information in this regard.
  • Now that the couple has parental custody of the kid, they can return to their native country with the child following the delivery.

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    surrogacy agency in georgia

    Surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Georgia

    The surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Georgia is mostly determined by whether the couple is handling the entire procedure themselves or working with a surrogacy agency. So, if you’re a couple that wants to handle everything on your own, the total cost of surrogacy in Georgia will be between $60,000 and $75,000.

    Given the absence of surrogacy law in the country, the couple should not proceed with a surrogacy arrangement in Georgia without first speaking with the top surrogacy agency in Georgia.

    The agency has all of the necessary skills and experience in dealing with surrogacy-related conflicts, duties, and other issues. Furthermore, they are capable of handling all legal aspects of the surrogacy process.

    So, if you decide to go forward with a surrogacy agency in Georgia, the cost might range from $75,000 to $1, 25,000.

    The Benefits!

    • Georgia’s existing legal framework strongly supports and facilitates family building regardless of sexual orientation. Furthermore, in comparison to the rest of Europe, medical services and support are simply amazing in this part of the planet
    • Although surrogate mother usually belongs to middle-class backgrounds, they live in clean and hygienic conditions.
    • On the other hand, couples in Georgia may readily obtain Caucasian donors. All they have to do is contact our surrogacy professionals to inquire about egg donors and their specific features, such as physical traits, family history, medical history, employment, or education.
    • While genetic testing is permissible throughout the IVF procedure, couples are not permitted to utilize it to determine the gender of their child.
    • They are also exempt from travelling to Georgia to execute the surrogacy contract with the surrogacy agency in Georgia. So, if you’re a couple seeking surrogacy, all you have to do is send an email to your client coordinators and give them the authority to sign a contract on your behalf (case-to-case basis). This way, you may save time, money, and effort that would otherwise be spent on logistics management.

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in georgia

    surrogacy for heterosexual couples in georgia

    How can we help?

    With years of expertise and experience at our back, we can confidently claim to be Georgia’s top surrogacy agency. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of couples in realising their ambitions of becoming parents.

    In addition, we’ve worked with some of the leading experts and IVF facilities in these countries to give you with the finest medical care and help possible during your surrogacy journey.

    Contact one of our client coordinators today, and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your surrogacy goals!

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