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Surrogacy for Singles in Greece

Laws on surrogacy for single men in Greece

In comparison to the rest of the EU, the legality of surrogacy for single men in Greece differs significantly. Here, surrogacy is only available to heterosexual couples and single women and only altruistic surrogacy agreements are approved, which means the surrogate mother will not get any additional pay for carrying the child in her womb.

Single men and same-sex are not permitted in surrogacy programmes. Currently, only single females and couples of opposite genders get this benefit.

Both married couples and single women can use surrogacy. Furthermore, it is not essential for the formed embryos to share any biological connection with either of the intended parents.

It’s against the law to advertise for surrogates. As soon as same-sex marriage is recognised in Greece, it is expected that surrogacy rules would be made more accessible to gay couples and surrogacy for singles in Greece.

This particular surrogacy arrangement has been legal in Greece since 2002, but the law was expanded in July 2014, allowing international nationals to become parents through a surrogate mother in Greece as well. Furthermore, Greece is one of the few nations that protect intended parents legally.

Surrogacy for Singles in Greece

Is it legal to pursue surrogacy for single men in Greece?

Unfortunately, Surrogacy laws in Greece do not allow LGBT couples or single men to participate in the country’s surrogacy programs. Surrogacy rules may be expanded after same-sex marriage is legalized in the country, but there is currently no information on this.

As of now, both married and unmarried opposite-sex couples, as well as single women, have the right to surrogacy. However, they must meet the following requirements:


  • The prospective mother should be under the age of 50. She must also submit medical confirmation of her incapacity to conceive or have children in the form of a medical letter from her home country’s doctor.
  • If the intended mother is unable to supply the eggs, donor eggs must be used.
  • If the intended parents are married, the husband must consent to the surrogacy, and the intended parents will be liable for any reasonable expenditure incurred by their surrogate mother until the baby is born.
  • Before the embryo transfer, the intended parents must get court approval for the surrogacy operation. This entails presenting the court with medical evidence of their incapacity to conceive or have children.
  • There are certain papers that must be submitted to the court. It’s worth noting that the Greek court’s ultimate ruling will take around eight weeks.

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    How to go ahead with the egg donation process in Greece?

    At Surrogacy Consultancy, we will assist you to discover and deliver adequately vetted egg Donors, but as recommended by the Greek legislation, the Donors’ names must stay anonymous.

    The physical qualities of the Donor, on the other hand, are defined by the intending parents before a donor is found. You can, however, also utilize a known Donor.

    Intended parents must know that there are certain legal implications to the same procedure. With an import license, eggs/embryos/sperms can be transported directly from your registered clinic to your destination Greece.

    If you break the law and undertake surrogacy in Greece, whether you are a resident or not, you might face a term of up to two years in prison and a fine of at least $1,800.00.

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    Surrogacy for single women with egg donation

    If you need an egg donor for surrogacy from an unknown donor, our team will supply you with all of the required assistance in the same context. In Greece, donor eggs can be used for in vitro fertilization (IVF). The legislation, however, states that it should only be done for altruistic surrogacy, barring a woman from selling her egg cells.

    Donor eggs are widely used in gestational surrogacy in Greece nowadays. There is no other option for homosexual parents and single males but to use donor eggs. When heterosexual couples struggle to conceive, they can opt for donated eggs.

    Even though it is illegal to pay donors, they are rewarded to cover the costs incurred throughout the procedure, such as lost salaries, travel fees, and time.

    However, we did not choose Egg Donors at random; we chose donors who were possibly healthy, intellectually and physically fit, and also based on our patient’s preferences. Donors are extensively checked before eggs are accepted from them since we are totally devoted to making your journey a success. Besides, the egg donors are subjected to a thorough medical examination for:

    • STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
    • Genetic afflictions
    • Immunohematology
    • Hematology

    The egg donor’s family’s medical history, education, unique abilities, and interests were also investigated by our staff. After our competent and experienced specialists have completed all of the processes we requested from the Donors, we allow our Intended couples to see the following information about the Donor:

    • Colour of eyes and hair
    • Weight
    • Age
    • blood type and Rh factor

    Additional information, such as job experience, interests, abilities, and educational background, can be disclosed by the Donor. Our intended couples may make an educated decision and pick the best suitable donor based on the Donor Profile.

    To obtain this profile, please fill out our “Donor Characteristic Form,” which will give you a list of acceptable egg donor profiles to evaluate. It may appear difficult at the first go, but our team will be with you throughout your journey; all contact will be with us, and our experienced staff will be right there for you at every point.

    Contact one of our client coordinators at Surrogacy Consultancy today!

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