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Same-sex surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy for Gay couples in Canada makes it possible for gay men
to have a child that is genetically linked to them or their partner.

LGBT surrogacy in Canada may come as the most appropriate solution if you’re considering ways to complete your family without paying heed to your sexual orientation. We can locate a solution for you, whether you are a heterosexual or homosexual couple, or even a single parent looking for that most awaited blessing of your life because, at Surrogacy Consultancy, we believe that every human, irrespective of their sex, caste, or creed, deserves the right to achieve parenthood.

How do we make same-sex surrogacy in Canada​ easier?

We make it our core motive that we support our intended parents throughout the process since we understand the stress, frustration, and complications of surrogacy. We have expertise in the legal and allied health fields, and we are currently working to develop a comprehensive surrogacy program that will handle everything so that you won’t have the same issues we had.

Through our customized programs related to surrogacy for LGBT couples in Canada, we offer in-depth analyses of the surrogacy policies and legal systems of the nations we cooperate with. Regular in-person meetings are held at each of our clinics to make sure they are adhering to the high ethical and professional standards we demand for the care of intended parents (IPs) and surrogate mothers.

We further offer more than just the chance to use homosexual surrogacy services in Canada or elsewhere. We give IPs from various backgrounds the opportunity to conceive a child who is biologically related to them via our specially personalized surrogacy programs.

Gay Surrogacy in canada

Surrogacy for Gay couples in Canada: Step by step process!

Here is a quick rundown of the steps involved in surrogacy:

  • IPs fill out a profile and bio, get blood tests and sperm tests done
  • IPs offer identification papers and a police check.
  • IPs enter into a contract agreement
  • IPs are given a medical letter outlining their reasons for needing a surrogate.
  • IPs acquire ORIGINAL birth, marriage, and name-change certificates.
  • The first instalment is paid by IPs in accordance with the invoice
  • A surrogate mother is provided to IPs.
  • IPs will be given a lawyer on our instruction to draft the surrogacy agreement and court documentation.
  • IPs fly to Canada to sign the surrogacy contract, go through clinical testing and evaluation, and start the court application process.
  • IPs will meet with all pertinent clinic employees and provide them with their instructions regarding embryo transfer.
  • If necessary, IPs provide gametes or embryos.

In Canada, lesbian couples receive treatment that is very similar to that given to homosexual couples. They are unable to participate in surrogacy programs as a couple in other nations, but here in Canada, they can proceed with Gay Surrogacy in Canada without any issues. The name of the biological mother will typically be the sole information on the birth certificate.

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    How to choose a surrogate for Lgbt couples in Canada?

    We’ve given a lot of details on the locations of our surrogacy programs, but if you want to learn more about the best spot for your gay surrogacy in Canada, our team is here to assist you. We can help you in locating the most appropriate surrogate for LGBT couples in Canada.

    Besides, you can try to search for the same in your specific network and family connections. Our association with you would last longer than the duration of the surrogacy program as we always believe in offering surrogacy services rightly suited to your needs.

    Cost of Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Canada

    • All consultancy fees
    • Donor and Surrogacy agency fees
    • IVF including ICSI and unlimited embryo transfers
    • Donor compensation (Payable after retrieval)
    • Donor stimulation medication
    • Surrogate mother’s medical exams
    • Surrogate mother medication for preparation and standard infections
    • Surrogacy contract and legal fees for the Court application
    • Surrogate mother transportation and accommodation fees
    • Surrogate compensation
    • Support medication after embryo transfer for surrogate
    • Pregnancy test
    • Review of surrogate application/medical records
    • Regular medical visits and tests during pregnancy
    • Standard prenatal screenings
    • Surrogate transportation 
    • Psychologist visits surrogate during pregnancy
    • Airport transfers for IPs on arrival for birth
    • Complications arising for the surrogate during delivery or pregnancy
    • Medical and hospital costs for delivery
    • Issue of registered birth certificate

    LGBT surrogacy in canada

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