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Become a Parent in Italy with International Surrogacy

Surrogacy is prohibited by law in Italy but
it is increasingly undergone abroad by Italian aspiring parents.

Surrogacy in Italy is not permissible under the law. So, to realize your parenthood dreams, you may have to look elsewhere. Furthermore, in case you still want to proceed with surrogacy in Italy, you must know that all types of surrogacy marketing, practices, and associated actions in Italy may be subject to harsh penalties under Italian law.

While the Italian Civil Code and Law 40/2004 define various principles governing parental rights by natural reproduction or by ART, no Italian state law specifies any genetic linkage concept relevant to Italian individuals using surrogates abroad, and the legal recognition of their children can occasionally be replete with complications.

Thus, if you’re searching for surrogacy for Gay couples in Italy or surrogacy for singles in Italy, you might need to go on to other countries that provide LGBT and single parenting surrogacy options. For this, you may require the help and support of a renowned surrogacy consultant in Italy.

Talking of the best, you can always count on surrogacy consultancy in Italy for all of your needs regarding surrogacy and related aspects.

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What do surrogacy laws in Italy say?

Learn more about Surrogacy for couples in Italy

Surrogacy in Italy stays prohibited as per the government ruling. While the Italian Civil Code and Law 40/2004 define various principles governing paternity by natural reproduction or by ART, no Italian statute specifies any parentage principle relevant to Italians who undertake surrogacy abroad, and the legal recognition of their children is sometimes fraught with legal issues.

As a result, despite concerns about the possible legal consequences of this decision once they return to Italy, many couples or individuals decide to start their surrogacy journey in other nations like the UK, Canada, Ukraine, and so on.

So, in case you are looking for surrogacy in Italy, we would recommend you go with other feasible alternatives like surrogacy in Georgia or Surrogacy in Albania.

Why surrogacy in Georgia is a feasible option?

Surrogacy in Georgia is unregulated i.e. no law or regulations governs a surrogacy arrangement in the country. Still, you can proceed with your surrogacy aspirations in the country while dealing with the best surrogacy clinics in Georgia.

By doing that, you can easily get benefitted from the cost-effective surrogacy services in Georgia that are aimed to realize your long-awaited surrogacy dreams.

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    How Surrogacy in Albania can also be a good alternative?

    Just like in Georgia, surrogacy in Albania is also unregulated. In fact, surrogacy is only addressed once in Albanian law, in article 261 of the Family Code, which states that surrogacy adoption is governed by the same rules as regular adoption. We may deduce from this remark that at the conclusion of any surrogacy programme, an adoption procedure is necessary, which includes obtaining approval from the Adoption Committee for the adoption as well as a court hearing.

    Families that have used surrogacy services will find it difficult to return home promptly once the baby is delivered during surrogacy. It is also permitted for partners with the written approval of one of the spouses in this regard.

    Adoption of a kid by same-sex couples or a couple without a marriage certificate will be difficult since Albanian authorities adhere to the principle of prioritising the child’s interests. They do, however, regard a gay couple or a single parent to be ‘unstable families,’ which may impede a child’s growth and development in the long run.

    The other concern is that Albanian law makes no option for alternative surrogacy arrangements. The Reproductive Health Law is equally vague, with no precise standards for egg donation. Despite this, in response to parental demand, some IVF clinics in Albania provide procedures such as IVF with egg donation and surrogacy.

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    Do you need to register with a surrogacy clinic in Italy?

    Yes, if you are the intended parents, you need to register the surrogacy arrangement at the local civil register, which must be completed within seven days of the delivery of the child. For example, In Albania, the procedure requires birth certificates provided by hospitals. Besides, both the intended father and surrogate mother are included on this birth certificate since surrogacy falls under the same category as adoption.

    In the event that the partner or spouse subsequently wishes to adopt the child and return to their home country, formal approval from the surrogate mother in Italy or overseas will be sought at the same time.

    Couples looking for affordable Surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Italy are going overseas for better options. We help many couples through our program for surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Italy to have the families of their dreams.

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    What is the surrogacy cost in Italy?

    The cost of surrogacy in Italy is likely to be determined by a number of factors and circumstances. It also depends on the sort of surrogacy plan the Intended Parents choose. This might include the number of IVF cycles used, as well as the cost of the egg donation or sperm donation.

    Still, it is always beneficial to opt for surrogacy in Ukraine or UK if you are looking for a perfect alternative to surrogacy in Italy. In contrast to Italy, where neither form of surrogacy plan, i.e. surrogacy for LGBT couples in Italy or surrogacy for single men in Italy, is authorised, surrogacy can be pursued regardless of sexual orientation in both countries. Besides, the cost is lower than that incurred in surrogacy in the USA or any other country.

    On the other hand, a range of insurances is available through various programmes, including insurance for the birth of a child with special needs, insurance for the death of a surrogate mother or donor, and so on if you want to reduce your surrogacy cost for couples in Italy.

    How can we help?

    No matter what alternatives you go with in terms of the Surrogacy agency in Italy, we at Surrogacy Consultancy will be there to support you at every step of your surrogacy journey. Given our vast experience in the same field, we have carved our niche while helping thousands of individuals and couples in meeting their parenthood goals via surrogacy.

    For an affordable program for surrogacy treatment cost in Italy, contact one of our client coordinators for a free consultation today!

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