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Surrogacy cost in Australia

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The laws related to surrogacy vary from one state in Australia to another. As a result, the surrogacy treatment cost in Australia may also be different. That said, there are several explanations for why that cost varies across every state and territory in Australia.

Due to the similarity in surrogacy costs, let’s first talk about the costs in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT.

Given the laws and regulations related to surrogacy in these regions, along with the cost of living and related factors, you should plan to spend a good amount on surrogacy in Australia.

Surrogacy Cost in Australia

What incorporates surrogacy cost in Australia?

surrogacy cost in australia

Between ten and twenty thousand dollars are frequently spent on legal expenses, which include counselling and attorneys. The cause of the variation is determined by your location. For instance, in Sydney, some attorneys charge more and the same may charge less in other locations. Counselor fees could be different so it will also ultimately impact the cost of surrogacy in your region.

It may vary how many counsellors you need to see. You will typically see one counsellor if you travel to South Australia and Tasmania. You’ll have three if you travel to Sydney or are in New South Wales. However, one facility claims that you’ll have four. And the reason for that is that in New South Wales, you must first consult a counsellor before signing your surrogacy contract.

After your child is delivered, you further need to see a counsellor. It is some kind of independent assessment report that is needed to inform the Supreme Court of New South Wales that your baby is doing good, and after that, the surrogate and her partner must have relinquishment counseling. In New South Wales, we generally succeed as well, but at least one facility insists on having a different internal counselor. You can thus have three or four.

Surrogacy treatment cost in Australia- How does it vary as per state?

In Queensland, it is customary to write two surrogacy advice reports—one before and one after—in order to comply with the Surrogacy Act. Other than in Queensland and New South Wales, the reports are typically not required anywhere. You will normally meet with one counsellor in advance of the ACT.

Victoria has a higher cost of surrogacy, and Western Australia has even higher surrogacy cost for couples in Australia. As far as the Northern Territory is concerned, surrogacy is prohibited in this region.

So why is Victoria ranked higher than, say, New South Wales? Because even though you don’t have a mechanism for getting a report after birth, you do have a method for getting consent from someone else before birth. Therefore, in addition to paying for the counsellor, lawyer, doctor, and lawyer for the opposite side, you also need to obtain regulatory approval.

Therefore, if you’re referring to Victoria, you would definitely need to pay a higher amount rather than in the Eastern States. WA, on the other hand, costs a little more than Victoria. In Western Australia, only surrogacy for heterosexual couples, single women, and lesbian couples have access to surrogacy at this time.

surrogacy cost for couples in australia

surrogacy treatment cost in australia

Why surrogacy is costlier in Western Australia?

However, the surrogacy cost in Australia is higher if you can do it in WA for two reasons. First off, only in WA is it necessary for any genetic material donor, including sperm and egg donors, to sign the contract. Therefore, only WA demands that; nowhere else in the world.

They must retain their own attorneys and participate in counselling of some sort. Therefore, the first issue you encounter is at the start of the process. Not only are you paying for two lawyers—one for the intended parents and one for the surrogates—but you’re also covering the cost of the donor’s attorney. Consequently, a second lawyer has been added. Even though it’s usually just one counsellor at first in WA, additional counselling must be paid for.

The Reproductive Technology Council of WA, the state regulator, must approve your plan as the second prerequisite. Besides, you must submit your application and there is a minimum three-month cooling-off period because this has a cooling-off term under the law.

How we can help?

Regardless of how many factors and elements influence surrogacy costs in Australia, we at Surrogacy consultancy would simplify that for you with the help of our legal professionals. With us, you can rest assured of getting the most ethical and affordable surrogacy option in Australia.

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