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Surrogacy cost for couples in Greece

The surrogacy treatment cost in Greece is lower than in many other countries, with packages starting at around €60,000.

How much does surrogacy cost in Greece?

Before getting into the entire concept of surrogacy cost in Greece, we must first get familiar with every related aspect and element. Surrogacy became legal in Greece in 2002, and it is governed by the Greek Civil Code and the Assisted Reproduction Law. Moreover, International parents were also granted the privilege to utilize surrogacy in Athens and other Greek towns in 2014.

The following groups of persons can benefit from surrogacy in Greece:

  • Single women.
  • Heterosexual couples who are unmarried.
  • heterosexual couples who are not legally wedded.

The use of surrogate mother’s services is forbidden for both single males and homosexual couples in Greece. On the other side, Children born through surrogacy do not receive Greek citizenship.

If the infant does not get citizenship in the nation of his parents, there are many provisions under surrogacy laws in Greece that allow the kid to gain citizenship in Greece.

Participants in the program sign a contract after inspecting the surrogate mother and her spouse and furnishing the required documents. To participate in the program, the patient must get a recommendation from a gynecologist or another doctor stating the reasons why she is unable to become pregnant on her own.

According to surrogacy laws in Greece, the legal parents of a newborn are the biological parents whose names are shown on the birth certificate.

Understanding the legal aspects of Surrogacy in Greece

The use of surrogacy in Greece is subject to various constraints under Greek law:

  • Relatives and acquaintances of genetic parents are unable to give oocytes/sperm, parents are unable to choose the sex of their unborn child, and the disposal of unwanted embryos is prohibited by law.
  • They are kept for a set amount of time before being utilized for research or transferred to patients who require them.

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    surrogacy cost for couples in greece

    What is Surrogacy cost in Greece?

    Surrogacy cost in Greece is majorly dependent on a list of aspects and factors.  In Greece, surrogate mothers have the right to payment for connected expenditures incurred during pregnancy, as well as complete compensation for temporary inability to work following deliveries. The amount of compensation is around 10,000 Euros (not including payment for services).

    So, we can say that surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Greece depends on the number of IVF cycles, associated medical costs, egg or sperm donor costs, and other related expenses.

    Taking everything into account, surrogacy costs in Greece often range from $85,000 to $100,000. This is only an estimate of the total cost, which includes the cost related to the surrogacy agency, fertility clinic expenses, attorney, and surrogate mother in Greece.

    Because the procedure may not go as well as intended, expect to spend a little more for compensation and coverage for unforeseen circumstances.

    While surrogacy costs in Greece are exorbitant, you can always expect the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs at Surrogacy Consultancy. With all the big experience at our back, our professionals bring the most customized surrogacy plans to suit your respective needs and expectations!

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in greece

    surrogacy cost for couples in greece

    surrogacy cost in greece

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