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Same-sex, Gay surrogacy in israel

Through our programs, Gay, LGBT Intended parents
can welcome their own child via same-sex surrogacy in Israel.

Overviewing LGBT Surrogacy in Israel

​After years of efforts and hard work from the socio-human rights organisations in the country, the government has finally given its nod to surrogacy for gay couples in Israel.

While this came in the wake of the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Israel, the LGBT community in the country can finally look forward to their child-seeking aspirations via surrogacy in the country.

Gay surrogacy in israel

Is surrogacy for Gay couples in Israel legal?

Gay couples who are having fertility problems will have the same access to surrogacy for heterosexual couples, as stated by Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz. Until recently, Israel’s parental and surrogacy regulations solely extended to heterosexual couples and single mothers; neither homosexual couples nor people of the same sex were allowed by the law to become parents through surrogacy.

Surrogacy regulations in Israel are now open to everyone as a result of the Israeli government’s decision, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. So, yes, same-sex surrogacy in Israel is legal currently. The LGBTQ+ community has reached a turning point with this law, putting them on the same level as the rest of society.

It has been even simpler for the rest of society to accept and mainstream the homosexual community as a result of the recent Israeli decision permitting Gay surrogacy in Israel. Since the new law’s implementation in January 2022, many people’s lives have been changed drastically.

Health Minister Horowitz stated at a press conference that “the government is required to provide equal rights to men and women regardless of their sexual or gender identification.” He stated he meant “Everyone” who lives under Israel’s control when he indicated that the welfare of its population is a burden on Israel’s future.

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    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Israel: what you must know?

    • If you are an intended parent, you must know that certain conditions must be followed in order to pursue surrogacy and opt for a surrogate for LGBT couples in Israel. The Health Ministry’s surrogacy panel must approve applications submitted by couples and/or single people who are interested in becoming surrogates.
    • The panel will then investigate the applicant’s history and qualifying requirements in accordance with Israeli surrogacy regulations. The second phase entails drafting a surrogacy contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother in Israel.
    • On the other side, the Supreme Court’s recently passed legislation makes egg donations available to potential parents, including anybody and everyone eager to pursue parenthood despite having reproductive problems.
    • The Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling allowed for the LGBTQ community to be protected from discrimination, which is a great step forward for the rest of the globe.
    • Israel has always been tolerant of “the community,” in contrast to other societies, and the government has recognized them as real Israeli citizens by allowing them equal rights and non-discriminatory employment. This is evident in the military, where gay men fight for their nation as national fighters.

    surrogacy for gay couples in israel

    same-sex surrogacy in israel

    Many individuals working in Israel’s arts and entertainment sectors have outed their gender and/or sexual orientation without being shunned. The government’s choice to remove the limitations on surrogacy for LGBT couples in Israel is surely the next step in the same direction.

    The fundamental and human rights of the Queer Community are being joyfully accepted and normalized by people from all over the world, and prejudices against them are gradually disappearing. We can therefore conclude that Israel’s latest judgment will undoubtedly be a game-changing one in this regard.

    Still, as you proceed with your efforts in the same direction, it is highly crucial to get along with a reputed surrogacy agency in Israel that can help you during the course of your surrogacy journey.

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