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Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Cyprus

For heterosexual couples who want to expand their family
via surrogacy, Cyprus has been considered one of the best destination.

Surrogacy is undoubtedly a godsend for numerous couples who confront challenges in having children via natural means. Moreover, when it comes to defining surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Cyprus, we can quote it as an arrangement where a woman carries a child for another couple.

That said, Cyprus, with its favourable legal environment and lower costs, has developed into a preferred surrogacy destination for many, especially for hetero couples.

Yet, as you take the first step in the same direction, understanding the entire process is quite important. Besides, being in the right hands is also very essential. This is where we, at Surrogacy Consultancy, aim to offer the best surrogacy programs, rightly customized as per your needs.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for the best surrogacy program for couples, or simply want to pursue surrogacy for singles, we are here to help you out.

surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Cyprus

Understanding the process for surrogacy for couples in Cyprus

Choice of Surrogate: Once the couple chooses surrogacy, the primary step is to locate an appropriate surrogate mother in Cyprus. That said, they can do this freely or through a surrogacy agency. Also, it’s basic that the surrogate should meet the required medical criteria and should belong to the age group between 21-35 years.

Besides, the surrogate mother should be ready to undergo the required medical assessment that would make her deemed fit for the surrogacy program. Moreover, she must be willing to help the intended parents not just for money, but as a part of the noble gesture.

Medical procedures: The process further includes in vitro fertilization (IVF), where the egg from the woman and sperm from the man are fertilized in a research facility setting. That said, the resultant embryo is at that point implanted into the surrogate’s womb. Three weeks later, the surrogate mother would undergo the pregnancy test and once confirmed, she would carry the child to term. Also, the surrogate will be monitored for her health at every point of time during the procedure. Intended parents should know that Cyprus is home to some of the best medical centres and clinics that would help them get the most out of their surrogacy journey.

Managing the legal aspects: Post the initiation of the medical procedures, you must have a proper contract between the surrogate and the intended parents. That said, this contract will outline the duties, rights, and any recompense or costs secured for the surrogate.

Pregnancy and Birth: The surrogate will experience normal medical check-ups to guarantee the pregnancy is advancing soundly. Also, once the child is born, legal steps are taken to guarantee that the legal custody of the child is given to the intended parents. As far as surrogacy for couples in Cyprus is concerned, the intended father and the surrogate mother stay as the legal parents of the child on its birth. This is where the intended parents have to file for a parental order to claim the custody of the child afterwards.

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    How Cyprus turned out to be the most sought-after Surrogacy destination?

    surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Cyprus

    Cyprus has become the most talked about destination for many around. That said, this could be due to numerous reasons like lower costs and top-notch medical structure. Besides, we can see the following as one of the other reasons in the same direction.

    Legal Clarity: Cyprus doesn’t have pre-defined laws related to surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Cyprus. That said, these laws not only ensure the rights of the surrogate but also of the intended parents. This is how they guarantee that there’s legal assurance for all involved parties during the surrogacy program.

    Cost-Effectiveness: When compared to nations like the USA, the surrogacy cost for heterosexual couples in Cyprus is generally low, making it an affordable alternative for numerous. Besides being lower in cost the agencies and clinics never compromise on the quality of the treatment or services offered.

    Higher medical standards: The nation is further home to some of the best experienced medical experts who come along with years of experience. So, you can expect the best quality treatment and support at every stage of your surrogacy journey in the country.

    Key considerations for Hetero Couples during the Surrogacy program

    Parental Rights: In Cyprus, the intended father and the surrogate mother are recognized as legal parents of the child upon its birth. So, the intended parents have to file for a parental order to get legal custody of the child. Moreover, this guarantees that the couple doesn’t confront legitimate challenges in claiming their child’s custody after birth.

    Biological Association: One or both individuals of the couple can have a biological association with the child, depending on the type of surrogacy chosen and the couple’s fertility situation. Moreover, they can seek the services of a donor in case they want and choose gestational surrogacy for the same purpose.

    Emotional Viewpoints: Surrogacy isn’t all about a physical procedure but an emotional one as well. That said, Heterosexual couples are eligible for counselling to get prepared in all sorts for the surrogacy journey. 

    surrogacy for couples in Cyprus

    How much does the Surrogacy cost for Heterosexual couples in Cyprus?

    surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Cyprus

    While being lower than countries like the USA and the UK, surrogacy in Cyprus still includes the following cost elements:

    Medical Costs: These may include costs related to IVF treatment, pre-birth care, childbirth, and any unforeseen medical complications during the surrogacy process.

    Surrogate’s compensation: The surrogate gets compensation for her commitment and the physical and emotional challenges she experiences.

    Agency fees: In case the couple consults with a surrogacy agency in Cyprus to go ahead with the process, they will have to pay for the agency fees in that case.

    Legal Costs: Connecting with an attorney to draft contracts and handle legitimate things will incur costs. Moreover; the intended parents can connect with a trusted surrogacy consultant like Surrogacy Consultancy and get these legal services without any extra fees.

    Other Costs: This might incorporate travel, logistics, insurance, counselling, and other unanticipated costs.

    Choose Surrogacy Consultancy for the best Surrogacy experience!

    Surrogacy in Cyprus offers a big ray of hope for numerous hetero couples looking for a child. That said, the combination of a proper legal environment, good medical standards, and generally lower costs make it a perfect surrogacy destination for many.

    In any case, as with any critical choice, it’s significant for couples to be well-informed and understand the procedure thoroughly. Besides, they should be prepared both emotionally and financially in the same direction. Yet, connecting with the right and most trusted surrogacy agency or consultant can make a big difference in the same process.

    So, don’t think twice and connect with the most recognized surrogacy agency in Cyprus. All you have to do is place a call to our coordinators and get started!

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