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Surrogacy cost in Canada

Surrogates may be reimbursed for specific expenses relating to the pregnancy.
Only qualified costs can be factored into your reimbursement of the surrogate.

Surrogacy costs in Canada may appear to be a bit on the higher side in comparison to other countries like Colombia, Ukraine, or Georgia. Still, the quality of medical care and support in this country makes it worth the time, money, and effort.

On the other hand, a variety of factors influence overall surrogacy treatment cost in Canada. This is where Intended parents must be fully informed of each of these factors throughout the surrogacy process in order to receive an exact estimate of the entire cost of surrogacy in Canada.

As an intended parent, you should be aware that the two primary cost categories for gestational surrogacy in Canada are the surrogate cost and medical expenses.

The surrogacy treatment cost in Canada might vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including each prospective parent’s circumstances. The fees for legal counsel, medical care, and surrogate compensation are the surrogacy variables that are the most expensive.

While it is illegal to practice commercial surrogacy in Canada, one can pay the surrogate mother in Canada for her expenses in regard to medical and other costs. Besides, there are certain other aspects that we are mentioning below.


surrogacy cost in canada

Components related to fixed surrogacy cost in Canada

Surrogacy agency costs

surrogacy cost in canada

The first portion of the surrogacy cost for couples in Canada is made up of fees paid to the Canadian surrogacy agency. At Surrogacy Consultancy, we always ensure that expenses are kept to a minimum and that you obtain the most ethical and cost-effective surrogacy program imaginable.

The intended parents would also receive a range of services, including background checks, screenings, and counselling for surrogates. Regardless of how long the surrogacy procedure takes, our professionals will be by your side at every stage.

The same cost may differ depending on their state and the surrogacy specialist they decide to work with. Few intending parents choose a surrogacy procedure conducted on their own to save money on agency expenses. The following services, however, which are essential for surrogacy to be carried out successfully and safely, will not be provided to them.

Surrogate matching service costs

Prior to the start of the surrogacy program, the matching services assist prospective surrogates and intended parents in getting to know one another. In order to ensure that everyone working with the agency is safe and prepared to commit to the surrogacy procedure, matching expenses are commonly used to pay for background checks, medical tests, mental assessments, house inspections, and intended parent and gestational carrier screening. Matching fees are used to pay for both the development of an intended parent profile and a surrogacy plan.

Our matching services assist would-be parents and surrogates in locating a match whose requirements, objectives, and aspirations are compatible. The success of the surrogacy process depends on finding a good match, which can only be done with the help of these services.

Consulting services

Both intended parents and surrogates may experience difficulties and stress during the surrogacy process in Canada. Surrogacy specialists are experts at navigating the process and can give intending parents and surrogates all the information and services they want.

Additionally, organizations hire qualified individuals to give the gestational carrier and the intended parent ongoing counselling and support prior to, during, and after the surrogacy procedure. The intended parents and surrogates could find these services to be quite beneficial even though they only make up a small fraction of the overall surrogacy cost.

Legal assistance cost

A significant portion of the cost of surrogacy in Canada is also held by the legal agreements that specify each party’s obligations and the compensation paid to the surrogate mother. Both the intended parents and the surrogate will require legal assistance to negotiate and design this contract as well as additional services. The cost of legal services varies depending on state legislation and the complexity of the case.

Depending on the conditions of both parties, further legal services can be needed. To revoke the surrogate’s parental rights, for instance, legal procedures must be undertaken in traditional surrogacy in Canada. If donor-derived genetic material is used, the non-biological intended parent may need to go through the legal adoption process in order to achieve full parental rights.

surrogacy treatment cost in canada

Medical expenses

Medical costs typically account for a sizeable amount of the overall surrogacy cost in Canada due to the numerous medical procedures included in the surrogacy process. These expenses may add up based on the development of your surrogate’s pregnancy and the condition of your insurance.

The intending parents will pay for IVF and fertility drugs, and the price will depend on how many transfers are necessary to successfully carry a child. Additionally, any prenatal care expenses as well as any other medical treatments that may be necessary during the pregnancy are the responsibility of the expecting parents. The intending parents will also have to pay a fee if an egg or sperm donor is used to generate the embryo.

Depending on the surrogate’s insurance coverage and any specific care necessary throughout the pregnancy, the total cost of medical care may also change.

Cost of a surrogate mother

Given that commercial surrogacy is not permitted in Canada, the surrogate will only be paid for her medical expenses and other related costs. The intended parents will provide basic compensation and a monthly allowance to their surrogate to cover all pregnancy-related expenditures and pay her for her time and efforts, in addition to covering all of her legal, medical, counselling, and travel fees.

The amount of money paid to a surrogate depends on a variety of factors, including the length of her pregnancy, her insurance coverage, and her prior surrogacy experience. In addition to additional benefits for things like maternity clothing, lost income, and any invasive procedures she might require while pregnant, she will get a monthly allowance to aid with expenses.

There is no practical way to estimate the surrogacy cost for couples in Canada because there are so many variables. However, you can always be confident that you will receive the most economical surrogacy plans and programs by working with a reputable surrogacy agency.

surrogacy cost for couples in canada

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