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Option of surrogacy for Gay couples in Russia

What does the law state regarding
the surrogate for LGBT couples in Russia

According to the current legal situation, only Russian citizens and residents are permitted to use surrogates in Russia; foreigners are not permitted. Since 1995, commercial surrogacy has been legal in Russia. Russian federal law does not support egg donor surrogacy as much as any other country. Although the existence of commercial surrogacy in Russia, fertility and surrogacy seekers get less attention there.

Most intended parents were not very pleased with surrogacy treatment in Russia because of the political unrest and unfavourable relations with the rest of the world. Nonetheless, opportunities for surrogacy in Russia are now growing.

Discussing potential alternatives to it, surrogacy in the UK or Cyprus appears to be the most feasible option for every child-seeking gay couple around.

Same-sex Surrogacy in Russia – What Intended parents need to know?

Russian legislation doesn’t really need heterosexual couples to be married in order for commercial surrogacy to be legal. This makes it possible for Gay surrogacy in Russia to gay men to seek surrogacy in Russia when he travels with a female friend who is willing to act as the child’s legal mother.

To start the procedure and return to see the delivery, the couple must travel together to Russia. One risk is that, in order to comply with bureaucratic requirements, some clinics may ignore the requirement or provide documentation with doubtful validity. This is because, according to Russian legislation, the woman must be capable of showing that she cannot bear a pregnancy on her own.

But there are some disturbing signs of Russian society shifting away from acceptance of same-sex partnerships. Although many surrogacy clinics would claim that homosexual surrogacy is legal, same-sex couples face difficulties as a result of the country’s growing anti-LGBT sentiment. Recently, conservative Russian government officials have pushed to outlaw surrogacy completely in that country.

At Surrogacy Consultancy, we will help you with the best plans and programs on your way to realizing your parenthood dreams via surrogacy.

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    Surrogate for LGBT couples in Russia- how to proceed?

    Getting Started

    To proceed with the Surrogate search related to surrogacy for LGBT couples in Russia, you first need to connect with our professionals at Surrogacy Consultancy. Here, our experts will walk you through a list of properly verified and screened surrogate profiles from our database.

    Surrogate selection and related aspects

    find a surrogate for same sex coupleOnce you have selected the surrogate as per your specific needs and requirements, it’s time to analyze the other legal and financial aspects.

    Before selecting to engage in a surrogacy program, it’s important to understand the financial and legal elements. Even if the cost of surrogacy in Russia will never be exact, we can offer you a fair idea of what to expect along your journey.

    If you’re considering surrogates as an LGBT couple, it’s vital that you grasp all of the legal ramifications. Our same-sex surrogacy procedures are carried out in areas that are open and flexible to homosexual and surrogate adoption, ensuring that both partners’ names can appear on the birth certificate as legal parents and that the child’s conception procedure goes along in a smooth manner.

    During the surrogacy journey, you will be offered legal counsel based on your origin and home country.

    Surrogacy contract

    After you’ve examined all of the aspects and considered all of the legal and financial implications, you’ll be paired with a suitable carrier and an egg donor.

    Our attorneys will be able to draft your contract at this time, which you may review before proceeding with your journey of surrogacy for Gay couples in Russia. In addition, we’ll notify you about our program’s medical criteria (preliminary testing and screening).

    Before you may begin treatment, you must furnish all legal and medical documents. Your pregnancy will be followed by the top experts at our partner surrogacy clinics in order to ensure a risk-free surrogacy process.

    Embryo transfer

    Afterwards, our fertility experts will get along with the embryo transfer process at their IVF facility. Once done, the pregnancy test will be done after three weeks and upon success, the surrogate for LGBT couples will be monitored until term.

    As the surrogate delivers the child, we will ensure the completion of all the required paperwork and formalities to hand over the baby to its legal parents.

    How Cyprus comes as a favorable option for Gay surrogacy?

    While surrogacy is still unregulated in this part of the world, you should be aware that in Cyprus, homosexual couples can conceive a child with the aid of an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

    Gay marriage has witnessed an upsurge in popularity in recent years, despite society’s unwillingness to change and the preservation of some conventional ideals. However, because there is no surrogacy law in Cyprus, anybody can consider surrogacy regardless of sexual orientation.

    While surrogacy for same-sex couples is not prohibited in Cyprus, homosexual couples seeking children via surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus is still a relatively recent occurrence. Because of society’s gradual embrace of the trend, people may see you with mistrust or even hostility if you’re parenting a kid with a same-sex spouse.

    As a homosexual man or a gay couple, you have the responsibility of demonstrating to society that single gay men or gay couples can raise kids just as well as single females or heterosexual couples. Because there are more and more public instances of gay parents, preconceptions about homosexuality will ultimately be eradicated.

    gay surrogacy in Russia

    How we can help?

    Surrogacy is growing more common among homosexual men who wish to start a family. In response to this development, several surrogacy agencies have begun actively wooing the LGBT communities. There is a broad difference in the quality of surrogacy services offered, as with any new sector, therefore it is vital for anyone seeking these services to become informed consumers.

    We at Surrogacy Consultancy wish to be an honest resource for couples seeking a low-cost, high-quality alternative to surrogacy for same-sex, rather than approaching it as a business. Our objective is to provide a surrogacy program in Russia that does not jeopardize the legal parts of the process and avoids any potential legal complications.

    Hence, we guarantee total honesty and openness in all of our actions while providing the best surrogacy for LGBT couples in Russia.

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    surrogate for lgbt couples in russia

    surrogacy for gay couples in russia

    gay surrogacy in Russia

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