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As a couple or individual plan for surrogacy, the legality of surrogacy and cost aspects comes as their biggest concern. Moreover, if surrogacy is prohibited or is really expensive in their country, they may have to look for other alternative destinations around the world.

Talking about the best destinations for surrogacy, Colombia is one such country with all the supportive surrogacy laws and strong medical infrastructure. Besides, the country is highly rated for the quality of its medical experts and services.

Key facts about the Medical system in Colombia:

1. Affordable, yet best in class

Not many people know but a recent survey by the World health organization has put Colombia in the 22nd spot in terms of healthcare services. This comes way better than countries like the United States of America, Canada and the UK.

On the other hand, medical services are really affordable in this part of the world. Moreover, the public plans come along with full coverage of your medical treatment with add-ons like vision and dental care. Besides, they may cover your spouse and children given you have nominated them in your application.

Additionally, you can further take benefits from the private insurance plans to cover up for aspects not insured by public plans. Most of these plans ensure the best coverage, along with timely reimbursement of any claims put through.

surrogacy in colombia

2. There are three levels of healthcare in Colombia.

In Colombia, there are 3 different types of health insurance available for the local citizens. Entidades Promotoras de Salud, the nation’s main public health insurance program, makes up the first layer. The second kind of health coverage is referred to as “medicine propaganda. For more affluent Colombians and ex-pats dissatisfied with the public plan’s benefits, this insurance is highly recommended.

Moreover, foreigners and Colombians alike may need to pay more for “medicine propaganda, “or additional private health insurance to EPS plans. Besides, one must remember that the price of this insurance is extra and varies based on your age, the plan you select, and any existing medical conditions.

There is a also third type of insurance called SISBEN. Still, it’s not available for international citizens pursuing surrogacy in Colombia. With the help of this insurance, homeless or extremely underprivileged Colombians can receive free or discounted medical care. Besides, this insurance is designed for extremely vulnerable lower-income groups.

3. Colombia facilitates a universal healthcare system

The healthcare system in Colombia provides accessible, affordable universal health coverage to its citizens. That said, 96% of the population in Colombia has access to health care thanks to government subsidies. Well, this is quite big in comparison with American healthcare, which provides public health coverage to only 28% of adults.

On the other hand, even if an ex-pat doesn’t have insurance documentation, public hospitals must still treat them. As a result of your failure to contribute to the SGSSS fund, you will be required to pay the higher applicable cost for medical care.

4. Foreigners in Colombia have access to universal healthcare

Even foreign nationals can obtain health insurance through EPS. In actuality, all residents—temporary or long-term—must sign up for the EPS healthcare program. Depending on monthly income, public health insurance in Colombia for the majority of ex-pats starts at $50 and can cost up to $200 per month.

Moreover, you must provide proof that your purchase of EPS coverage covers the entire duration of your visa in order to renew your visa in Colombia. Besides, if you have a medical emergency while visiting the country, you can make use of the public healthcare system. Also, if you visit a public hospital and require urgent care, you will be receiving all the required facilities.

Although it isn’t free because you haven’t made contributions to the public healthcare system, Colombian healthcare is incredibly affordable.

5. You must have international health insurance to obtain a visa for Colombia.

All foreign nationals applying for visas to Colombia must submit proof of international health insurance beginning in October 2020, according to the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, Global health insurance ranges in price from $75 to $300 per month USD, depending on your age, citizenship, and required coverage.

Depending on your Colombian visa type, the required level of coverage may vary:
• $35,000 USD for a visitor visa (V)
• US$60,000 for Immigration Visa (M)
• $100,000 for Visa for Residents (R)

medical and surrogacy benifits in colombia

6. Quality of services offered by EPS providers may vary

We all know about the PPO health insurance model used in the United States. Well, just like that, EPS health insurers serve as administrative middlemen between physicians and patients here in Colombia. While these EPS health insurance providers cannot dominate your insurance rates or what all comes under your coverage by the public plan, they do have control over the hospitals and doctors you can access, as well as the level of customer service and the timeliness with which they approve treatments.

Although these advantages appear to be one thing on paper, they might be something else in practice. Due to their precarious financial situations, some EPS insurers have been delaying payments to their healthcare providers. For instance, the SaludCoop EPS was even completely liquidated to settle its debts.

Hence, it is highly critical to make a safe choice. That said, the majority of ex-pats select SuraAmerican, commonly referred to as Sura, because they are the most financially stable EPS insurance provider and consistently rated as providing the best EPS service. With more than 4,600 doctors in its network and more than 400 hospitals and medical facilities, SURA provides access to a wide range of specialists and facilities for receiving care.

Final words

The healthcare system in Colombia can surely be rated on par with the best countries in the world. Still, there are a few technicalities that need to be considered if you are an international medical tourist. Hence, it is always crucial to connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Colombia or a professional to help you in your surrogacy treatment journey.

These agencies will help you in making the most out of the medical services in Colombia without making a hole in your pocket.

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