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Surrogacy often brings joy and happiness to many. Yet, still, sometimes, it may put you in a shady situation. If a surrogate mother chooses to deny custody of the child following birth, one of the most difficult situations expected parents could encounter is to claim parental rights. While the entire situations get gloomy, one must look for alternatives to help. Although this is unusual, it’s important to know how a surrogacy agency might assist with the management and resolution of such disputes. That said, the function of a surrogacy agency in resolving child custody issues and making sure the intended parents may bring their child home will be discussed in this post.

Recognizing the Surrogacy Agreement on Child’s Custody

Proper Agreements

The role of a surrogacy agreement is quite crucial given the involvement of multiple parties within a surrogacy program. Moreover, a surrogacy agency makes sure all participants sign a proper contract before the process starts. This agreement lays forth the rights, obligations, and expectations of the intended parents as well as the surrogate. It covers specifics on medical treatments, pay, and—above all—the legal passage of parental rights upon birth. Also, the first line of protection in avoiding custody conflicts is a professionally written contract.

Now, as we talked about the contract, you must always connect with a reputed legal professional to get it drafted. That way, all the crucial clauses and pointers get included in the document.

Legal Safeguards

Working with experienced lawyers, surrogacy agencies make sure the agreement provides optimum protection for the intended parents and conforms to local legislation. These legal rights are absolutely vital in case the surrogate chooses to deny custody since they offer a clear legal framework to settle the conflict.


Child Custody

The intended parents should communicate the things as they are to the surrogacy agency to get this process started. Once done, the agency will kick start the damage cover from their end while looking into the legal aspects of the surrogacy contract.

Initial action in case of an immediate Custodial Denial

Counselling and Mediation

Should a surrogate object to custody, the first action a surrogacy agency will take is starting counselling and mediation. To help the surrogate and the intended parents communicate, the agency will bring in seasoned mediators and counselors. That said, finding a mutually acceptable solution and knowing the concerns of the surrogate are also important.

Reviewing the Agreements

After reviewing the surrogacy agreement with all the parties engaged, the surrogacy agency will then proceed with further action. The agency might remind the surrogate of her dedication to handing the kid to the intended parents by stressing the accepted terms and legal requirements. Usually, this review procedure serves to clear misconceptions and strengthen the surrogate’s obligations.

Legal course of action

surrogacy agency in ukraineLegal Correspondence

Should mediation and counselling prove ineffective, the surrogacy agency will help the intended parents pursue legal action. The agency’s legal team will seek court enforcement of the surrogacy agreement and child custody security. Reviewing the agreement, the court will decide depending on the legal contract and the best interests of the kid. The legal professionals that have drafted the surrogacy contract will come crucial in this process. Also, in case there are no surrogacy laws to take care of the process, the court proceedings may go on for months.

Formation of Parental Rights

Surrogacy agreements in many countries include pre-birth or post-birth directives establishing the intended parents’ legal rights to the child. The surrogacy agency will make sure these legal documents are in place and correctly registered, therefore facilitating the court’s recognition of the intended parents as the legal guardians.

Again the legal professional will represent itself as an authority that has taken care of all the aspect in the surrogacy contract in details. That way, none of the parties can deny of their roles and responsibilities during the surrogacy process.

Psychological and emotional support

Support for Intended Parents

For the intended parents, a custody conflict can be somewhat emotionally taxing and distressing. That said, to assist with their situation’s handling, surrogacy agencies offer psychological and emotional support. This help consists in resources to control stress and anxiety, support groups, and counselor access.

Assistive support for the surrogate

Offering the required support to the surrogate is also crucial in the same matter. Sometimes postpartum emotions cause surrogates emotional challenges or second thoughts. By providing the surrogate with counselling and assistance, the agency can enable her to manage her feelings and carry out her responsibilities as stated in the surrogacy agreement. This is where the role of the counsellors and the mediators will prove crucial.

Preventive Strategies for Surrogacy Agencies

Complete screening and matching

Careful matching of surrogates and intended parents and extensive screening help to avert custody conflicts among other things. To guarantee surrogates are emotionally and psychologically ready for the surrogacy process, surrogacy agencies should run thorough background checks, psychological assessments, and medical exams. This exhaustive screening helps to lower conflict risk.

Open Communication and Education

Clear communication and education are stressed by surrogacy agencies all through the surrogacy process. Agencies help to create reasonable expectations and reduce the possibility of misconceptions by making sure surrogates completely grasp the legal, emotional, and practical sides of surrogacy.

Legal provisions

Agencies also try to have the surrogacy agreement include legal provisions. These protections can include pointers covering what happens should the surrogate change her mind or encounter unanticipated events, therefore safeguarding the rights of the intended parents.

Final words

Although instances like these are infrequent in surrogacy, custody issues can be rather difficult and emotional for all the participants. By guaranteeing thorough legal agreements, acting as mediators and counsellor, and assisting both the intended parents and the surrogate, surrogacy agencies significantly help to prevent and resolve such conflicts. By following these guidelines, surrogacy agencies help to safeguard the rights of the intended parents and guarantee that, even with unanticipated difficulties, the surrogacy procedure goes without incident.

That said, working with a competent surrogacy agency will help you ensure that you can bring your child home without falling into all those legal uncertainties on your own.

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