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Surrogacy sometimes comes as a complex process where an individual may have to deal with a list of complications and obstructions. This is where they would need the help and support of a surrogacy coordinator. Talking about the surrogacy coordinator may wear many hats and serves as the linchpin connecting the intended parents, the surrogate, medical professionals, and the legal team.

So, technically, the role of a surrogacy coordinator is to offer end-to-end support to the intended parents and every other involved party in the surrogacy journey. In the following parts of this blog, we will delve into the multifaceted role of a surrogacy coordinator, examining their responsibilities and significance in the surrogacy journey.

Who is a surrogacy coordinator?

A surrogacy coordinator could be a person or an entity that offers end-to-end services and support to the intended parents and other key parties involved. So, we can say that the surrogacy coordinator can also play the role of an international surrogacy consultant.

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Roles and responsibilities of a surrogacy coordinator!

  1. First point of contact

The surrogacy coordinator is often the first point of contact for intended parents and potential surrogates. Moreover, they provide preliminary information on the process, requirements, associated costs, and potential timelines. Besides, through initial consultations, coordinators ensure that individuals fully grasp the commitment and understand the physical, emotional, and financial implications of surrogacy.

Hence, it can be said that the surrogacy coordinator would play a key role during the search for a surrogate mother. Not only they would help the intended parents to find a surrogate, but will further assist in all the related procedures and aspects.

  1. Screening and Matching

A significant responsibility of the coordinator is screening both intended parents and surrogates. That said, this ensures that intended parents and surrogates are medically, emotionally, and psychologically prepared for the surrogacy process. Once screening is completed, the coordinator embraces the sensitive task of coordinating the surrogate with the intended parents. Moreover, this coordinate is based on different criteria that further include compatibility in medical terms, identity alignment, and personal inclinations.

On the other side, if intended parents opt to go for all such tasks on their own, they may face a list of issues and obstructions. While they don’t have any leads to find a surrogate, they would further find it hard to ensure its screening and matching via the IVF clinics.

On the other side, the coordinators have their own network of clinics and centres that can help them manage all the necessary tasks and procedures. So, it would be much easier for you to get along with your daily life while proceeding with your surrogacy journey.

  1. surrogacy coordinatorsFacilitating the required medical procedures

Surrogacy includes various medical procedures, extending from initial check-ups and fertility medications to the embryo transfer process and pre-birth care. This is where the coordinator manages these procedures and guarantees all parties are informed about the methods, related risks, and further development. Besides, they act as a bridge between medical experts and the intended parents or surrogate, while ensuring that there is clear communication and understanding between the parties at every stage.

  1. Emotional support and Counseling

The emotional aspect of surrogacy has its own share of highs and lows. This is where a surrogacy coordinator regularly plays the role of a counsellor, offering the required assistance to both the surrogate and the intended parents. Besides, they might help in providing the required resources, managing treatment sessions or just being around as an emotional support. Also, their main goal is to guarantee that both parties feel valued and supported at every stage of the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy indeed is a journey filled with lots of stress and anxiety. Hence, you would need a surrogacy coordinator to take some burden off your shoulders.

  1. Legal process

international surrogacy consultantEvery surrogacy journey does require some legal understanding and assistance for the intended parents. While the coordinator isn’t a legal counsellor, they have an in-depth understanding of the legal scene encompassing surrogacy. Moreover, they can guarantee that both parties are mindful of their rights and obligations, and they may also facilitate with legal experts to draft and finalize a surrogacy agreement. This guarantees that all parties are legally ensured and get their roles and commitments.

The coordinator would also ensure that the interests of every party are taken care of during the surrogacy journey. So, they would act as a bridge between the legal experts and the involved parties around.

  1. Dealing with Third-Party services

The surrogacy procedure regularly requires the association of different third-party services such as egg or sperm donors, fertility clinics, and medical centres. That said, the coordinator acts as the contact, guaranteeing smooth coordination between these parties and the associated partners. Moreover, this includes planning appointments, overseeing required paperwork, and guaranteeing that the intended parents and surrogates are on the same page.

On the other hand, the intended parents may have to take the services of certain insurance companies for their surrogacy journey. In such cases, they may need the services of surrogacy coordinators. While the coordinators would provide them with all the detailed information and documentation, they would further guide the intended parents to pick the best insurance option.

  1. Post-Birth Coordination

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The role of the surrogacy coordinator goes beyond the birth of the child. Moreover, they oversee post-birth planning, which can incorporate birth registration, guaranteeing the surrogate’s postnatal health, ensuring the legal transfer of parental rights, and more. Also, the coordinator guarantees that the transfer is smooth for the child, the surrogate, and the intended parents.

Apart from that, the coordinators would ensure that the surrogate is been paid according to the agreed amount from the intended parents. In countries where commercial surrogacy is banned, the coordinator would make sure that the rights and interests of the surrogate are taken care of. On the other side, the surrogate mother belongs to another country, and the coordinator would also help in managing her logistics, accommodation and related tasks.

Final words

The surrogacy coordinator’s role is multi-dimensional, requiring a blend of understanding, planning, and awareness regarding medical, legal, and psychological elements. In a nutshell, we can call them the unsung heroes within the surrogacy journey that guarantees that the parenthood dreams of the intended parents are realized without any issues.

Also, by guiding, supporting, and advising all parties included, the surrogacy coordinator plays an important part in making a streamlined journey from the dream of parenthood to the reality of holding a child in one’s arms. Their role might not be as visible as other parties during the surrogacy journey. Still, they are as important as any other person for the success of a surrogacy program.

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