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It’s natural to feel stressed and anxious before visiting a surrogacy agency for the very first time. That said, setting out on a surrogacy journey could be a critical choice for all the intended parents, given the kind of challenges they need to go through. Moreover, once you prepare to meet with the surrogacy agency, it’s very important to ask the right questions to guarantee you’re making an educated choice and to feel certain about your choice of partner in this journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the basic questions you must ask a surrogacy agency during your initial meeting.

Your first meeting with the Surrogacy agency

  1. Check and confirm the reputation and experience

How long has the agency been working within the field of surrogacy? Can the agency offer references or reviews from past clients? What is the success rate of the surrogacy procedures managed by the agency?

If you are an intended parent, asking about the agency’s experience and background will allow you more information about their expertise and unwavering quality. Also, it’s critical to select an agency with a strong track record and positive criticism from previous clients. Having the right information and details regarding this will help you in making the right expectations with your surrogacy journey.

  1. More inquiries into the screening process for Surrogates

What criteria do you employ to screen potential surrogates? What kind of medical, mental, and background checks do surrogates go through? Are surrogates required to have had successful pregnancies recently?

Do know that the screening process is basic to guarantee the health and well-being of the surrogate and the child. Moreover, you’ll need to ensure beyond any doubt that the agency comes along with a proper strategy in the same regard. The surrogate is the key to the success of your surrogacy journey. Hence, she must be healthy and fit in every aspect.

  1. Check their knowledge regarding the legal procedures and matters

Does the agency give legal counsel to explore the surrogacy agreements and parental rights? How does the agency handle the legal process in several states or countries, if needed? Can the organization give illustrations of how they’ve managed legal challenges in the past?

first meeting with the Surrogacy agency

Make sure that understanding the legal angles of surrogacy is fundamental. Also, the agency ought to offer or suggest expert legal support to guarantee all agreements are in your best interests and that your parental rights are safely set up. There are countries where the legalities around surrogacy may put you in troubled waters. For all such situations, you must stay prepared way in advance.

  1. Create discussions around the cost of surrogacy

What is the total cost of surrogacy and related expenses offered by the surrogacy agency? Can you give a detailed breakdown of the costs included? How are payments organized all through the surrogacy process?

Intended parents must know that surrogacy can be costly, and it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of all costs included. This may include any potential hidden expenses that may not be mentioned in the surrogacy agreement. That said, knowing the payment structure will also help you prepare fiscally for the journey ahead. At the same time, you can check regarding any insurance coverage that may be offered by the agency in association with their partner insurance firms.

  1. Talk regarding the matching process employed

How does the agency match intended parents with surrogates? Can intended parents meet potential surrogates before making a decision? What happens if the starting match does not work out?

Do know that the matching process could be a profoundly individual viewpoint of your surrogacy journey. That said, you’ll need to guarantee that the agency’s process adjusts along with your inclinations which there’s adaptability on the off chance that changes are required.

  1. Check the kind of support services offered

What sort of support does the agency offer to both intended parents and surrogates all through the surrogacy process? How does the agency encourage communication between intended parents and surrogates? What is the agency’s approach to updates and data sharing during the pregnancy?

The role of instant support and continuous guidance is imperative during a surrogacy procedure. That said, ongoing support and clear communication are key to a positive surrogacy experience. Hence, make sure that the agency has strong procedures in place for both. Do also check whether they are associated with any agency or organization offering such support.

  1. Enquire regarding the quality of medical care and facilities

What medical procedures does the agency administer for surrogates and intended guardians? Does the agency offer mental support and counseling administrations? How are medical emergencies or complications taken care of?

Do know that the role of medical and mental support is vital for the health and well-being of everybody. That said, the agency ought to have comprehensive plans and resources accessible in the same regard.


  1. Option for international surrogacy

In case considering international surrogacy, what extra challenges and considerations does the agency recognize? How does the agency handle the legal and calculated perspectives of international surrogacy? Are there language and social support services accessible?

As an intended parent, you must also know that for international surrogacy, extra layers of complexity concerning legal, social, and other issues come into play. This is where an experienced agency should explore these consistently.

  1. Managing the post-birth process

What is the procedure in place after the birth of the child? How does the agency help with the determination of parental rights and the birth certificate? What support is accessible for the surrogate post-birth?

It is important to know that the surrogacy journey doesn’t end with the birth of the child. This is where guaranteeing a smooth shift in setting up your parental rights and supporting the surrogate post-birth is important.

Final words

The role of a surrogacy agency is like that of a guide and support during the surrogacy journey. This is where choosing the right surrogacy agency may be a basic step in your parenthood journey. Thus, by asking these detailed questions, you’ll be able to check the agency’s capability, unwavering quality, and the level of support you anticipate all through the journey. Keep in mind, that a trustworthy agency will be straightforward, strong, and encouraging to address all your concerns, directing you certainly towards accomplishing your dream of parenthood.

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