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For intended parents who are seeking the right destination for ethical and affordable options of continuing their journey of parenthood through medically-rich processes that are completed with the help of a third person (a surrogate, who is ready to get the embryo developed into her uterus), Albania has become the most popular and trusted destination. There is no regulation and laws related to Surrogacy in Albania; thus one can easily go ahead with their surrogacy aspirations at the time of connecting with a reputed surrogacy agency. These agencies are recognized and have a proven track record. You can set the first step forward in the same regard. They recommend you have a thorough understanding of each part of the entire process, element, and feature of the procedure.

Surrogacy Laws and Other Steps in Making for Procedure Successful

As mentioned earlier, this procedure is unregulated in the country – given the absence of regulations in the country. As a result, anybody and even everyone regardless of sexual orientation can pursue this procedure in the country.

Another reason that will draw your attention to surrogacy in Albania is the cost that will be in your budget and far lower than what you pay in the United States of America and the UK. The cost that goes into the budget always draws the attention of couples. High-quality medical facilities and world-class treatment procedures are also making it an ideal destination – fulfilling the desire of thousands of couples, the LGBT community, and single intended parents.

Important Points to Keep in Mind about Surrogacy in Albania

Not to mention the rights of a surrogate mother in Albania – that are safeguarded under Article 261 of Albania’s Family Code.

  • Getting consent from the Adoption Committee and having a court hearing are both required for the duration of surrogacy in Albania.
  • This is the main reason, that obtaining a child’s legal paternity and travel documents following the baby’s birth may take longer.
  • A surrogacy agreement is required to assure that the both intended parents and surrogate mother stay away from any dispute and altercation.
  • An agreement is a requirement to keep the rights of intended parents and surrogate mother protected and keeps them away from any illegal issue.
  • A civil birth certificate is produced by the local clinics.
  • Birth certificates are required to register the kid with the civil registry as soon as the child is born through this procedure.
  • The civil registry requires the names and addresses of future parents to be included on the birth certificate.

The entire process isn’t controlled under the law. Only gestational surrogacy is authorized in the nation, where the surrogates have no biological relationship with the future child. According to the selected surrogacy clinic in Albania, the embryo developed from the intended parents’ sperm and egg is put into the womb of the surrogate.

What is the Status of Surrogacy with a Donor to Develop Embryo?  

In case, a donor is required, the male partner must demonstrate parenthood by proving his genetic relationship with the kid. There are also some other points to take into consideration. Getting complete assistance from a selected surrogacy agency in Albania will save you time and keep you away from worrying about the procedure, legal formalities, agreement, and other key points.

Surrogacy Consultancy is a recognized name in this domain helping you at every step in fulfilling your desire for parenthood. You have to make a contact as per your requirement from anywhere in the world, know about the procedure, keep your documents ready, and leave the rest of the work to experts working here.

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